Last weekend….

I am still recovering from 2 big events here in Los Angeles. The best part being that both were food and beer related.

On Saturday was Woodshop 5.1. Held at the Blue Palms and stretching from 9:30 in the AM with beer mimosas.
woodshop breakfast
Along with the mimosas was a great and very unique breakfast. Truffle hash browns, Belgian breakfast burritos, fruit with festina peche beer. Excellent way to start the day! And if that wasn’t enough, we got a special dessert from the new Four Cafe in Eagle Rock
plum dessert
Then it was on to the beer. 24 blind taps. Plus bottle sharing going on left and right. People were very generous. Which I now almost take for a given at these events. I got to sample beer from Flossmoor station. Sours from many different places and an awesome coffee beer from Bell’s Brewing.
woodshop bier
Palate fatigue limited me to only some of the 24 taps but my winners for the day were the Odonata Saison (making it’s first visit to SoCal) and the super fresh Moylans Hopsickle.

Big kudos to Dave, Chris and Brian for putting in the hard work to do this event.

Moving on to Sunday, it was time for Firestone-Walker and Tony’s Darts Away and the Dionicess VI.
Great beer and great food for a great cause, The Real Medicine Foundation. Food by the staff at Tony’s and Randy Clemens (who has a new cookbook coming out) and beer provided by Jace Milstead and Firestone.
beer at dionciess
The two selection of fries were my favorites and then there was a little beer at the end with dessert, starts with a “P”.
dessert at dionicess

More details to follow in my weekly posting at FoodGPS on Thursday.

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