BAM 2010

Yesterday, I told you about the LA Craft Beer Crawl. Well here is the 411 on another charitably beer event happening in Santa Monica…

from the press release:
BAM Fest 2010

“18th Street Arts Center, in association with popular Santa Monica restaurant, Library Alehouse, is bringing the first Craft Beer Festival to the Westside of L.A. B.A.M. Fest, which stands for Beer, Art and Music Festival, is a celebration of locally produced art, music and the finest craft beers around. With 20-plus breweries, 4 bands, 3 galleries, open artist studios, gourmet organic food provided by the Green Truck, and sweet treats from the Big Swirl Truck, B.A.M. Fest 2010 is poised to draw a crowd and become Santa Monica’s next ‘hoppiest’ annual event.

A $35 donation ($30 pre-sale until Sept. 1, 2010) provides you 5 hours of live music, exploration of artist studios and galleries with art for purchase, and unlimited tasting of great beers in the Santa Monica sunshine. All proceeds from the event directly support 18th Street Arts Center’s programs and artists.”


LA Craft Beer Crawl

One week from today, you can partake of beer (curated by the Beer Chicks) and food (curated by famed food writer Jonathan Gold)

Beer wise, Deschutes, Unibroue and Eagle Rock are on board with apparently more to come. And even the premier food show here in LA has talked about it on today’s show, so check out Good Food for more information.

Go HERE to check out the crawl info and purchase tickets

50 from 50 – Wyoming

It was a dark and stormy night… actually it has been cool by LA standards but this is still a sun city and when I find flavorful session beers of any style, I am happy. And I found one in the organic OB-1 from Snake River Brewery. Now I am 74% of the way to my goal with 3 1/2 months left!

BFM Douze

BFM Douze 12th Anniversary

“Jurassian Salty & Fruity Golden Ale”

from the label:“The Fleur de sel de Guerande, a noble sea salt from the Bretagne in France, is used to accentuate the flavors of this very special ale. Pair it with Green Poultry or Seafood. Sante!”

Ingredients: Swiss mountains spring water, barley malt, Cascade, Amarillo and Hallertauer hops, Fleur de Sel (sea salt 0.015%), yeast.

Supermarkets with pubs

With the proliferation of supermarkets that do double duty as restaurants, I should have guessed that adding beer should have been a no brainer. You can raise a pint at the Whole Foods in Pasadena so why not in one of the original beery colonies, Pennsylvania?

Click HERE to read about the latest Wegman’s and Whole Foods pub concepts.

Louisiana Beer – Bayou Teche

Bayou Teche is another small and very Cajun’ outfit.
center portion of web page

Like so many others before him, Karlos Knott, the founder of the brewery, tasted quality flavorful beer while in Europe, in Knott’s case, Germany. He was further entranced by the Washington State beer scene that he returned too. That led to home brewing in 1994. Upon returning to Louisiana, Knott and his brothers, who all live on the family farm in Arnaudville, crafted beers to compliment Cajun cuisine and launched Bayou Teche.

LA-31 is their most famous biere but others are on the way like a hefeweizen that will pair with that lovely Cajun’ food.

Battle Chai (Don’t be scared)

If you are heading to the crazy cool GABF (Great American Beer Festival) this year well then this may need to be put into the itinerary. Once you read the press release, you will want to drink the beer.

“Mutineer Magazine and New Holland Brewing Company are excited to announce the official release of their collaboration beer, Mutinous Battle Chai, on Friday, September 17th at 2pm at Falling Rock Taphouse in Denver, CO. The event will last until all the kegs are tapped. There is no admission fee and cost is per beer. 100% of the proceeds from Mutinous Battle Chai beer sales will benefit A Child’s Right, an organization dedicated to global water relief and bringing clean water to children in underdeveloped regions.

“We are really excited about our opportunity to work with New Holland Brewing, as we bring the craft beer community together to support A Child’s Right. We are very thankful to our partners in this project, New Holland Brewing Company and Falling Rock Taphouse, for making our vision a reality.” – Brian Kropf, Mutineer Magazine

Technically, Mutinous Battle Chai does not fit the guidelines of any individual style category. The base beer was brewed with both pale and rye malts, spiced with an original interpretation of the traditional chai tea spice blend, and fermented with a Belgian wit yeast strand. The base beer was primed with brown ale wort and then underwent a secondary fermentation with merlot yeast on oak. The end result is a dry, amber-colored, medium-bodied Belgian-style spiced and oaked ale unlike any craft beer brewed before.

Other beers from New Holland Brewing Company, including Golden Cap Saison, Imperial Hattter IPA, as well as Hatter Royale Hopquila, a distilled spirit that has been steeped in hops, will also be available during the release party. This is the first time that New Holland beer will make an appearance in Colorado outside of the Great American Beer Festival.

“This collaboration has been an opportunity to have fun exploring flavor, and techniques, while celebrating this exciting time in the beer industry.” — New Holland’s Beervangelist, Fred Bueltmann

For more information on the recipe and brewing process of Mutinous Battle Chai, check out Issue 13 of Mutineer Magazine, now on newsstands.”

Where is everybody?

That’s right. The beer world has converged on Denver, Colorado for a massive amount of beer, people, breweries, events and fun. And why is the Search Party not there?

Well, dear reader, I had to make a choice. GABF now or the 1st Beer Bloggers conference (again in Colorado, this time Boulder). I chose the latter because I hope that interacting with the blogging world and learning more tech-ese will allow me to improve how I convey to you why I love the world of craft beer and why you should love it too.

In the meantime, the place to go to get your GABF fix when you can’t be in Denver is right here FoodGPS. Celebrator columnist Tomm Carroll is covering the action and you will learn all you will need to know.

Sean Suggests for September 2010

September in the world is a transition to cooler weather patterns, unless you are in LA. This is the start of second summer in my book. So my choices for this month are a bastard hybridization of fall and summer with some spring thrown in there for good measure.

So take a look at my light, medium and dark choices from Stone Brewing, Redhook Brewing and Ayinger of Germany!


September 2010 Beers

Figueroa Mountain Brewing

Firestone-Walker is getting some competition for their Buellton outpost. Figueroa Mountain Brewing will be firing up their kettles with a nice variety of beers including Hurricane Deck Helles, Danish Red (for the Solvang crowd) and Stagecoach Stout. They have an experienced brewer on board and I hope they can compete against the massive crush of wineries in that area of California.

Good Luck and I hope to visit soon.