L.A. Beer Week – Update 3

Only 3 Days until L.A. Beer Week fires up for 2016. Two weeks ago, I highlighted many, many cool events and last week, I suggested three more. If you still have gaps in your schedule take a look at these…

June 19th – Popfuji at Brouwerij West
A L.A. Beer Week event about a pilsner? Yup, the beautiful coastal setting of Brouwerij West will host music, food trucks and their new pilsner.

June 20th – Rockmill Brewing
Blue Palms has Ohio roots so it comes as no surprise that one of their tap take-overs features Rockmill and their farmhouse ales.

June 22nd – Playing Favorites
Library Alehouse hosts not only Smog City Brewing but Beachwood Brewing and the 2016 Sierra Nevada Beer Camp beers on one night! Choice overload will happen.

June 23rd – WWYB Winner
Each year Angel City holds a contest for those who think they can craft a recipe, this year the winner is a Strawberry Gose.

June 24th – Rock & Brews Cellar and Aged Beer Night
Rock & Brews El Segundo will open up its vault to showcase its collection of aged beers.

…and in general, if you have a free night and want an #LABW8 fix, then head to Sunset Beer Co. They have a full range of events including Societe, Toolbox and many more.