Holiday Needed or Not? – Shyft

I saw this quote about a weird as hell brand offshoot from Modelo called Shyft, and I could feel the anger rising.  “a first-of-its-kind, patented, flavor-shifting” flavored malt beverage that’s “designed to hit different taste buds at different times.”

First, the idiot who decided that vowels were replaceable need to have all the vowels removed from their name permanently.  It is well past annoying at this point.

Second, the focus group that gave the thumbs up to Shyft as a name should also have all vowels removed from their names permanently.  This is why America can’t have good things.

Rant complete.

Why Modelo isn’t spending their money on say paying employees more or plant upgrades or more Damian Lillard commercials is beyond me.  But the sugar-ification of America must march forward until everything we eat is either sugar, salt or Pepper X.

Leave the flavor changing to candy and keep it out of beverages.  Not needed.