LABW 13 – BFE 2022

If you are in the northerly section of L.A. County, then you are in luck since you will be having your own mini L.A. brewery festival at Lucky Luke in Santa Clarita, BFE.

And this festival will be marking in Tiki time.


Depending upon your love of royalty there will be a Platinum Jubilee Street Party at Yorkshire Square Brewery.

If you a fan of Liz, Chuck, Camilla and the gang then on June 4th you can celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee with live music, beer and food specials, a special wine list, and fun activities happening throughout the day! Free event!

– Special menu including Platinum Pudding – the dessert created by Fortnum and Mason especially for the Queen’s Jubilee.

– Beer specials including 8 cask ales and a Jubilee Ale with cans to go.

Time for Timbo

Mark your calendar, Highland Park Brewery’s Timbo Week 2022 kicks off this year on June 10th with a canned release of Timbo Pils plus more pils-y fun.

Bob Kunz and crew are busy making as much as they can since last year they whipped through the stock in three days. To make it last longer they are brewing up a batch at the teeny tiny original location too. Last time they did that was back in 2018!

Apple & Curds

I am a Benny Boy fanboy and part of that is due to their cider side, if you still haven’t visited or have only tried the beer half, then maybe you check out this…

Milkfarm has partnered with Eagle Rock Brewery in the past, so they understand the ins and outs of cheese and drink pairing.

DAMN – This sold out in a day, so you folks are going to have to DIY it. Hit up your map app of choice and plot the best route between Eagle Rock and Boyle Heights to pick your cheese and cider duos.

L.A. IPA Fest – Results

Previously on the Los Angeles IPA Festival, these were the 2020 winners…

1st place – Sorta Mostly Dead from North Park Beer Co.
2nd place – Heal the Bay IPA from Golden Road
3rd place – Boss of the Plains from Fieldwork Brewing

This year, after a pandemic break, the IPA’s hopped from Mohawk Bend to Brennans and the winners for 2022 were…

1st place – Dankster Squad from Riip Beer Co.
2nd place – Ain’t Getting Any Deader from Green Cheek
3rd place – Disciples of Dankness from Beachwood Brewing

May the 14th Be With You

Mark your calendars and ready your lupulin threshold as El Segundo Brewing will be celebrating #11 this year.

They will be bringing back two hoppy offerings from their past, Greetings From El Segundo TIPA and Lost in the Mall. I would guess that more fun beers will be added to the board as the event draws near.

May the 7th Be With You

Calendar time and also a blast from the past. Tony’s Darts Away is a great little spot in Burbank that I have not been to in a long time. Working from home instead of working in Burbank has dropped visits to the neighboring city down.

One of their yearly highlights was a midnight tapping of their Darts Away IPA and then a weekend of hourly special tappings.

Guess what? It’s back…

….and the IPA is from Beachwood! Follow their socials to see what goodies will be on tap and when.

From the Rickhouse

If you want to learn about barrel-aged beer then the next Beachwood Beer Side Talks event is for you.

Here are the details:

“On May 12th we’re continuing our educational speaking event series with “Tales from the Rickhouse: Barrel-Aged Beers” featuring speakers Julian Shrago, Brewmaster and Co-Owner at Beachwood and Lindsay Langton, Creative Director (Lead Design of Barrel Blends program) at Bottle Logic with Brewmaster and Co-Founder Wes Parker.

$15 Ticket includes a flight of 3 specialty barrel-aged beers hosted at Beachwood Downtown Long Beach.”