Beer History Week

The Chicago Brewseum dropped the following press release recently…”We are pleased to announce that, in collaboration with our friends at Colonial Williamsburg, we will be hosting the first ever Beer History Week, November 4 – 14, 2021!
The week kicks off with our #BeerCultureSummit (November 4-7) and concludes with Colonial Williamsburg’s Ales Through the Ages (November 13-14). Peppered in between the two unique conferences will be an array of other beer history content from various partners across the globe.⁣⁣
Information about Ales Through the Ages is out now. Details about the Beer Culture Summit and other Beer History Week related events will be released this summer. Whether you join us in person or online, we hope to see you as we roll out the (beer history) barrels this November!⁣”

Erosion Wine AND Beer

Patrick Rue May have left Orange County for St. Helena to open Erosion Wine but he hasn’t left beer behind.

Now, he is in the planning stages for a small brewery, also named Erosion. And they will be next door so your wine friends can have their place and the beer friends will have their hang out.

Read more about it right HERE.

1st Visit – Hi-Lo Long Beach

Count me as a fan of the OG Hi-Lo in Culver City and now I can tick from my to-do list visiting their second location.

Right on Ocean Boulevard in Long Beach is a bright airy spot with more room for the well curated treats that Hi-Lo specializes in from fancy Iberico ham potato chips to the excellent Tony’s chocolate. But what they excel at is fine spirits and craft beer.

Now the only complaint I have is that single cans are not in high abundance. This is a buy a four pack place. If you are good with that, then you will find an eclectic selection. Weldwerks, ForeLand, Cellador and Bottle Logic are there. Sours to pastry stouts. And a nice little watch the foot traffic outside bar area that I would re-visit.

You should certainly add them to your beer shoppe list.

Another GABF Schedule Change

No Great American Beer Festival for the second year in a row. The return has now been marked for Fall 2022. This year will be a combination of the brewery passport that they used for last year along with the Craft Brewer Conference and Denver Beer Week aligning in September. The awards will go on too and will be broadcast just like last year as well.

Obviously this was the safest option. They may well have been able to hold the event considering the vaccine rollout is over 17% now but any setback between now and September would have led to concerns. Not to mention that any festival this year would probably have to temperature check everyone or check their vaccination cards. Not to mention – Part 2, that they would probably have to reduce the amount of attendees drastically.


As more and more folks get vaccinated, normalcy is slowly returning. But, if you, like me have not gotten your shot yet but want that sound of a bar in your home, well then ….

…then head to I Miss My Bar and hear what we all have been missing.

New in Orange County

One could argue that now is a great time to open a brewery. California is re-opening so a new taproom won’t have to rely on 4-packs to go. Maybe that is why an uptick is happening south of us in Orange County with Dueling Ducks Brewing Co.

..who opened last month and Juniper & Morgan who premiered this month…

..which means quite the epic Orange County trip will need to become planned.

In the Heights 2

Count me as a fan of The Heights Deli and Bottle Shop and now there will be a second outpost, this time on San Fernando Boulevard in the Glassell Park neighborhood.

According to my intel, they will be taking over from the previous liquor store tenant. Look for the same blue color and The Heights font on the building. The big clue is the #2 that you will also see painted on the facade.

I will pass on more info when available, the best news is that the “when will you open?” question has changed in recent days from a shrug emoji to, we are open.

Meet Benny in the Fall

Ground has been broken for Benny Boy Brewing

…and the fingers crossed / everything goes to plan opening date is September. Knowing the City of LA and the then (hopefully) after effects of pandemic times, I would say October or November might be closer.

Either way this freeway adjacent, five lanes of traffic away from the Brewery Blocks brewery and Cidery should be an excellent outdoor spot to re-acclimate oneself to drinking at a new brewery instead of the four-pack and flee method currently in place.

Updates to follow.