More food and beer

The food and beer pairings are coming too fast to keep up, almost.  Here is another one to add to the list….


July 28th, “Executive Chef Adam Levoe has created a scrumptious seasonal menu. Four courses + four beers. Here’s a sneak peak of the third course paired with Golden Road’s Almond Milk Stout.”

For Example:

Grilled skirt steak with parmesan potatoes, yellow corn, bell peppers, demi glace  (non-vegan)
Summer vegetable polenta with summer squash, sweet peppers, heirloom cherry tomatoes and fine herb oil (vegan)

Check out the full menu, HERE.


Food and Beer go together like hand and glove and another time and place to test that theory is on July 26th,  when Angel City’s monthly Food Cluster Truck celebrates grilled cheese.  “Four trucks – Dogtown Dog, Slanging Corea, Canvas , and Midnight Mission’s culinary course – will take on the classic gooey goodness and make it their own for a chance to be a food truck favorite, earning bragging rights and a fabulous trophy. The event takes place on July 26 and runs 12-6pm. Voting boxes will be at each truck for patrons to submit their favorites, and voting will be counted at 6pm, with the winner announced at 6:30pm.”
The following months’ Food Cluster Truck theme schedule is:
August 30 – Habanero
September 27 – Oktoberfest (Angel City Brewery’s fall seasonal beer)
October 25 – Pumpkin
November 29 – Holiday
December 27 – Peppermint

Dogfish Head brats


I have yet to have the Dogfish Head beer-brined pickles but I have tried their bratwurst as the Delaware brewery begins their take-over of all the aisles in the grocery store.

And I have to say that the variety I picked up (“Bratwurst, the classic, is made with white pepper, coriander, mace (a cousin of nutmeg) and mustard. It wouldn’t be Dogfish without an off-centered twist, so the Bratwurst is dosed with Belgian dark ale Raison D’Etre.”) is …….

You can also get the following three brats for your next BBQ and craft beer event:

  • Spicy Espresso Brats are made with espresso powder, minced habanero and cumin. A touch of Chicory Stout is a smooth, chocolatey foil to the mild heat.
  • The Greek Feta Brat is made with feta cheese, mint, spinach, cumin, lemon and a dose of Midas Touch.
  • The Heirloom Italian Brat is based on a recipe from Dogfish founder Sam Calagione’s family. Sam’s great-grandmother used pork, fennel and red pepper in her classic Italian brat. If it was good enough for her, it’s good enough for us. (Well, the Italian gets a helping of beer/wine/mead hybrid Midas Touch for good measure!)

Beer Butter

If you missed the BBC show about Selfridges, the famed British store AND you do not check out regularly then you might have missed this tidbit about spreadable beer butter!  Yes, that is not a typo.


This is what the Selfridges website tells us, “Beer lovers rejoice, you can now enjoy your favourite tipple with cheeses and bread with Omid dark ale spreadable beer. An ingenious collaboration between an Italian chocolate maker and an Italian beer brewer, the result is a sweet and beer-perfumed jelly with an intense scent and a full-bodied taste. The beer spread provides a unique accompaniment for hors d’oeuvres and cheeses, or even try spread on toast or as a stuffing or garnish for tarts and cakes.”

Usually these beer infused items rarely live up to the hype.  You might get some malt notes but there will probably be no hops or the lovely sparkle that makes beer such a joy.  But if you must have beer in every aspect of your food life.  Then this might be for you.


Review – Beer Flats Porter Crackers


I have been passing by these crackers at Whole Foods for months now.  The price was always too high for my taste.  But a week ago, they were finally on sale!  So I picked up the porter variety with the thought that the porter would seep into the cracker more than pilsner would seep into that version.

The aroma on these crackers is a surprising and very brewery reminiscent wort smell.  Unfortunately, after that point, the taste was full on dark rye.  Not that a rye cracker is bad per se.  But the aroma led me down a path that then corkscrewed on me.  After having a couple, I realized that this version would be harder to pair with a beer and with cheese.  There are rye IPA’s out there but that would be a battle of two strong tastes.  And I fear that most cheese would run into the brick wall of rye as well.

So a slight thumbs up.  And I will be watching to see if they go on sale again.  And I will check to see if the Pilsner version has rye in the ingredient list.

Pair me

homeOK, I don’t know much about 4 Hands Brewing and I have not had a single one of their beers.  Though I certainly hope to try at least one.  And though I am a fan of the red ale that is not the reason why I want to highlight this beer today.  Nope, the reason is the spot on and graphically pretty pairings that they suggest.  Easy to spot and use.  Way more than the usually tiny (though interesting) prose on the label.  I wish this to be a trend that other breweries pick up.

Beer Dinners done Right

IMG_3671As a member of the 2012-13 Beer Advisory Board for the Four Points Sheraton at LAX, I get to attend their beer pairing dinners and then make suggestions for their future beer dinners.  Sweet gig, I know.

I have been to a couple events and now I really know that they know how to do it.  The food is way beyond what you expect at a hotel (even the salads).

IMG_3684And you get quite a value for your money. A splash of Chimay Speciale, Uinta Sea Legs Baltic Porter and some beer from the newly anointed trappist brewery…

IMG_3682Plus great pairings like Heelch O’Hops and a burrito and much, much more.

IMG_3686This site will keep you updated on the March and April events so you will not miss out on the action at Four Points.