Radio Imbibe

I infrequently pick up a copy of Imbibe magazine and that might explain why I was late to the Radio Imbibe party.

Now there is not much beer people being interviewed except for a recent Dr. J podcast. But since these are bite sized 20 minute episodes, they are fun to dip into and learn about beverages like Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey.

NAGBW – Reckoning

Next up in “News from the NAGBW” are my notes from last nights talk on whether or not a reckoning can become a revolution as the industry confronts sexism.

Here are some takeaways from the discussion with host Jessica Infante and panelists Beth Demmon, Jess Bautista and Paige Latham Didora.

  • hard to rehash these atrocious stories
  • workers are at a disadvantage bur female workers are often more so
  • career development is stunted
  • toxic gratitude where you have to be happy despite the bad environment
  • even job descriptions raise red flags
  • maybe reporting incidents to the local brewers guild could help
  • change the imperative from moral to either financial or legal

Brave Noise

OK. Two things for you beer fans to do and they are both simple.

One – Read THIS. Do not TL:DR it. Read it.

Two – Buy the beer(s) when they come out.

NAGBW – Guilds

Next up in “News from the NAGBW” are my notes from last nights talk on the Inner Workings of Brewing Guilds on Diversity with Danielle D’Alessandra.

  • Will we revert back to pre-pandemic ways and forget about issues that have been brought to our attention?
  • DEI has to to start from the top and it needs to be driven by hiring more women and more people of color.
  • craft beer is new to the political process
  • How do we help diverse breweries to succeed and get past the barriers imposed on them such as ability to get loans?
  • What is the best way to bring beer to minorities in a way that educates them?

Source Material

Been a bit of an uptick in beer podcasts to listen to, and here is another one…

I have my qualms with some pieces on Good Beer Hunting but laws and beers is a rich topic to cover, so I will be giving Source Material a listen.

P.S. – Listened to episode 1 and boy does history have pockets of wacky stuff hidden away.

Travelin’ for Beer

If you are like me, you are thinking about any sort of travel and then thinking about beer travel.

A helpful series of guides is coming from SD Beer News starting with a round-up of breweries in Palm Springs.

Now I wouldn’t head out to Palm Springs until December since it do tend to get a tad hot out there but the guide is well written with good info on the breweries as well as standout beers.

I am looking forward to future installments.

Latin for Brewster

Found another beer and history website for all of us that geek out on the longer arc of beer history. Written by Dr. Christina Wade, Braciatrix covers women in beer history and Wade is both a medieval scholar and BJCP judge so she has some serious bona fides.

Definitely start with her BeerHerstories list and then make sure to be on the look out for her book when that comes out.

Very Specific Glassware

I think there are three different paths that beer drinkers take when choosing a glass for their beverage. One is the Next Glass Up, where whichever glass is there is taken. Second is the Match Game where you look for the brewery glass from the brewery you are drinking and then lastly is the Style Fitter. Kolsch go in a stange, Wild beer in a Teku leading to….

This ARTICLE about the right glass for Grodziskie a beer from Grodzisk, literally or the simple definition as a smoky pilsner,

NAGBW – Beer Media

Next up in “News from the NAGBW” are my notes from last nights talk on the State of Beer Media with one of my favorite beer writers, Jeff Alworth alongside Canadian beer writer Crystal Luxmore.

Below are my takeaways from the discussion…

We have to remember that craft beer has been written about for 10+ years. It is not the IT beverage

Not to focus as much on the brewmaster. Write about the founder, the marketing person or someone else with an interesting story.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is making more money off beer twitter than beer writers

Sponsorship can be made creative. Go deeper and pitch something less like a traditional ad,

Writing opportunities for money are indeed scarce but it is also a world where you can write without gatekeepers

Look to signal boost the good work being done.

Flora Brewing

More beer podcasts for y’all to listen to…

Here is the 411, “The Brewing After Hours Podcast is hosted by Homebrewer and Digital Creator Sarah Flora, also known as Flora Brewing on Instagram and YouTube where she dives into the technical aspects of brewing beer at her home in Los Angeles. Brewing After Hours is going to take a different look at the history and stories behind beer as well as feature conversations with industry professionals and homebrewers.”