Best Beers of August 2021 + IPA Standings

Time to check out the best of August. Since, I do not imbibe on Mondays and Tuesdays, beer August is done for me.

On to the best, all but one being hoppy including one that lands on the top 3 IPA list.

Starting with the barrel-aged stout collab between Mumford and Finback. Yes, it was overly sweet and some ingredients didn’t seem to break through the veil of sugar but this was a sticky, syrupy change of pace.

Staying with collabs, The Highland Park and Cellarmaker and Coleman Farms IPA, simply named Coleman IPA was bright and fresh with citrus notes. Smog City and Alvarado Street’s Park Hopper IPA was very well done and rose above other fine Smog IPA options.

But let’s get to the beer that cracked the IPA rare air…

I was concerned about the ABV and the five different varieties of hops but this was fruity with just the right swagger of bitterness to it without going overboard. So it grabs the three spot.

  1. Beachwood / Highland Park Natural Born Shredders
  2. Offshoot Beer Co. DDH Visions
  3. Chapman Crafted Old Towne Block Party Year 5 DDH DIPA