A Book & A Beer – Stella Maris by Cormac McCarthy

I am a bit of a completist but I also do not like being told what to do, so when Cormac McCarthy wrote a duo of novels with one being a clear addendum to the main book, I was attracted more to that addendum than the main book.

The books in question are The Passenger and Stella Maris. The latter being the name of a psychiatric hospital that a woman named Alicia turns herself into for care. She is a mathmetician with a complicated past with her brother who headlines Passenger.

The year is 1972 and twenty year old Alicia starts talking to her therapist. The book is basically just the conversations between the therapist and Alicia. It is a testing set of exchanges as they verbally circle each other. Her life is slowly teased out over the pages.

At first it worked for me but the reveals were slow for me and a little drastic especially at the end but it was enough for me to grab the other book to read in backwards order.

For beer, I would look to finding beers thar you can blend. Maybe a Radler or a Black and Tan or whatever half and half pairing that you think would work. Experiment a bit like a scientist, test your math as well with what percentages work well.