Surly Goat + Dogfish Head + The Bruery =

…the kick-off to the latest announced collaboration between Dogfish Head and The Bruery.

I started off my Surly Goat night with The Wanderer from The Bruery. This is another semi-rare Bruery offering. This one was brewed for the excellent City Beer Store of San Francisco (that if you haven’t visited, shame on you).

The Wanderer

It was tart but not puckery with great raspberry/cherry notes. I could see this paired with ice cream.

After a somewhat desultory tasting of Red & White. (just didn’t work for me), the night was concluded with 90 Minute put through a “randall” with Intelligentsia coffee. Wow! The aromatics were amazing. And it carried through into the flavor. Tasted like a coffee amber. Delicious.

Photos from the Surly Goat

If you are a craft beer lover and you live in Los Angeles, get your taste buds to the Surly Goat.
If you are a fan of the Verdugo, then you will love the Surly Goat.
Why such high praise? Because the beer list is great, the bottle list is great and they care about educating the consumer and have knowledgeable staff.