Lambic TV

pFriem Family Brewers in Hood River, Oregon is nationally recognized for basically any style of beer they do. But they have a special lambic affinity which they are educating about. Check out the videos HERE.


White Labs supplies yeast to breweries practically everywhere but they are also known for their education. Their tasting room and same beer, different yeast trials are well known and now they are “launching an online education portal”. Mostly for brewers these “videos are released every month and cover a range of topics.” But maybe the casual beer fan might enjoy while hunkered down at home. Check out the videos HERE.


If you can’t get enough of beer videos on YouTube, then I have another channel for you to view….Brew Age

It is a unique set of videos covering California and Oregon and other topics like homebrewing and robots!  ROBOTS!  OK, that may be too excited but the videos are well done and most are short so you can watch a few without losing a whole afternoon.  The wet hop video with Social Kitchen is another good one to check out.

Thanks to K for tipping me off about this channel.

Click the link and watch….

….Pete Brown and his great videos of pubs and beers in Great Britain. You will learn something.

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If you haven’t read any of his books. Do yourself a favor and add them to your Christmas list. You can take my word for it or you can read his review of the Stella Black beer….“So what’s it taste like? I told you my expectations weren’t that high, but I was prepared to be open-minded. Well. No aroma whatsoever. I don’t know what they did with the Saaz hops, coriander and orange peel, but they didn’t put them in this beer. It’s so long since Stella has seen whole Saaz hops perhaps no one at the brewery knew what they were and they made a weird, bitter salad with them instead.

The taste has a very brief flash of malty sweetness, then a chalky dryness that disappears almost instantly, and that’s it – until the unpleasant aftertaste starts to build after a few sips. Then you need another beer to get rid of that. Stella Black is one of those special, rare beers that manage to be both tasteless and unpleasant. A beer that’s merely tasteless we can all understand, but this? It’s like a 4.1% standard lager with a weird, Special Brew type finish. The worst of all worlds. Utterly undrinkable”

Pete Brown videos

I have sung the praises of Pete Brown’s books and blog. Now he has added video to the mix.

After kicking a few ideas around, we decided to start off by making a series of video blogs. Once a month, we will be filming in a particular region of the UK, to produce monthly pairs of blogs. I believe (though I may be wrong) that these represent a bit of a depatrture for V-Blogging in that they´re made with a full film crew and hopefully therefore have a veneer of professionalism to them.
They´re not necessarily aimed at a beer geek audience but at a more general public, and we´re exploring ways to give them a wider reach in an age where TV channels won´t commission many serious content about beer. So if you´re a fellow beer blogger and you´re thinking ´this is rally basic stuff´ – fine, but it´s not basic to most people.

I certainly will watch and learn. Us Yanks tend to forget about the ongoing British craft beer revolution.


As you have noticed from my video reviews, I am not a big fan of the straight one shot pointing at a guy drinking beer. Hence, you can only hear me in my spontaneous reviews.

Every rule has exceptions and one I make is for HopCast. They mix it up with interviews, beers of the month and profiles of home brewers.

They have been duly added to my favored links.