Featured Beer Review – Zundert 8

Kievit bound for Zundert 8 an “unruly” brew according to the brewery. Let’s dig into this ale brewed with spices. And it was true to the adjective. This beer wanted to escape from the moment it was opened. Once the foamy head settled, I was left with an amber hued brew that was spilling Belgian esters. A little banana. A little clove. The standards. A bit of a cola taste as well. There is a bit of spice lingering in the far background as well. This bottle does taste a skosh old though. I will have to find a newer bottling to make sure.

Featured Beer Review – Spencer Holiday Ale

This was my first ever sip of an American Trappist ale!  Spencer Brewery made a drop of their range in Los Angeles and I was able to pick up most of their packaged beers. The Holiday Ale is like comfort food for me.  A malt bonanza. And really nicely spicy as well. Pours a dark brown color. Love the pair with family and friends line on the label. Fruitcake notes here but heavier on that Belgian Tripel note. That clove hit is evident. Also a jammy plum note. Nice sparkle here. 

American Trappist

Apparently, we Americans might house the next Trappist level brewery!  Amazing, I know.


Under the supervision of the noble Chimay, the monks of St. Joseph’s Abbey are adding a brewery. It will be given the not very saintly name of The Spencer Brewery. And the first beer, will be a “full-bodied, golden-hued Trappist ale with fruity accents, a dry finish and light hop bitterness.”

It will be interesting to see how this experiment plays in America.  Will the trappist idea make this a viable project?  Who know.  But I will be willing to try the beer at the very least.