Know Yourself

You can’t miss the Frida Kahlo mural at Trademark Brewing but you may not have seen or remember the quote from her that is on it, “I am my own muse, I am the subject I know best.”

Obviously, they needed a Kahlo inspired beer so there now is My Own Muse, a “West Coast Pilsner that features this year’s exciting hop blend of Loral, Ekuanot, and HBC 586.”

Beer Review – two Doodle Pads

Trademark Brewing has three beers out under the Doodle Pad small batch series, I am going to look at the two IPAs and not the bigger brother/sister. And I will keep the focus on the descriptive part of the label since I am not fond of dog in lab coat art on the front.

Bird of Paradise – The label description says tropical fruit, honeydew melon and a “breeze” of resinous pine. I would counter that it was more than a stiff wind. Pours a lovely-bubbly light orange color. A bit of guava flavor comes through but the primary on the case is that pine resin note. Some malt notes are in the back as well.

Hüll Be Back – Just two hops in this hazy, Huell Melon and Cashmere. Quite a flavor profile in the description. Guava, passion fruit, candied fruit and lime peel. Of those, I found a weird hard candy taste that was green melon and lime. This grew on me though and overall, I liked the weirdness here more.

Doodling with Hops

Trademark Brewing in Long Beach will be starting a new series of beers in 2022, look for the name Doodle Pad. The first is a Strata hopped beer….

“Strata Broke The Camel’s Back Cold Pale Ale. Jam-packed with Strata, this smooth small-batch sipper oozes notes of strawberry jam and tropical fruit with a dry, but refreshing finish.”


Other than one cool summer school week, the thought of going to summer camp for anything would normally be a pass but tomorrow in Long Beach could be the exception with…. Camp Trademark (aka 3rd anniversary) on July 16th.

Food from: Flacos Tacos, AGL’s Craft Meats, Vegan Hooligans and Colossus Bread.

Presale RSVP + Merch HERE.

Italian Hands

Italian Pilsners are hanging in there as a sub-style which is good news to me, since I like any and all form of pilsner as an IPA antidote.  Trademark Brewing has their version, names Talking Hands. Described by the brewery as “Light, bright and crisp, and dry hopped with Tettnang and Saphir hops for a delightful bouquet of floral citrus and spice.”

Map to the Stars

You can’t really see the stars here in L.A.. You have to drive out to a Dark Sky community for that. But if you have the new DIPA from Trademark Brewing, you can be guided even through the haze in the pint glass…

Star Guide has your Idaho Gem, your Strata, and of course, Galaxy hops.