Why is Curiosity Bad?

If there was enough content, this blog could be devoted to the Red IPA, one of my favorite styles, and in time for scary season, Trademark Brewing has one for us.

I like the touch of having a cat on the label for a beer that has curiosity in the name. Head down to Long Beach or wherever you buy Trademark beers for this Halloween treat.


Long Beach’s Trademark Brewing has a new Hazy Double IPA on its mind.

Brain Flowers is a “Dangerously smooth/easy drinking with a round, pillow-like mouthfeel plus slightly sweet & fruity flavors.”

Wanna know about the Hops used?
Styrian Dragon: Slovenian, known for its juicy tropical and berry aromas
Southern Passion & African Queen: South African, known for intense tropical and melon flavors/aromas

TM Beans

The alcohol and coffee worlds are forever mixing. As I am typing this, I am drinking wine barrel-aged coffee. Modern Times has a whole product line. Now Trademark Brewing in Long Beach has beans. Four roasts are currently on offer.

10 HOUR – “Inspired by the beans in our gloriously-decadent 10 Hour Coffee-Chocolate Stout, this signature blend features notes of dark chocolate, cashew and blackberry.⁠”

ETHIOPIA MARU – “Single Origin featuring blueberry, grape and jasmine notes.⁠”

COLOMBIA TIMANÁ – “Single Origin with suggestions of honey, almond and grapefruit.⁠”

GUATEMALA CUBULCO – “Single Origin with flavors of milk chocolate, hazelnut and mandarin.”

Trademark Crowlers

Took a Saturday trip to buy some Long Beach beers from Trademark Brewing and here is what I got….

Origins has that signature haze to it though it is a bit milky orange.  Very grassy, woodsy character.  Soft but not very hazy soft. Almost has a white wine nose to it. Getting some pear notes. A weird bit of cattiness too. 

Next up is Hat Trick, a Belgian Tripel, a big over 9% beer. I like this beer but it does seem to be a Belgian that is holding back the full effect. It is missing a little spice. The phenols are quite muted. The alcohol sneaks up on you. The cheeks start getting warm. I just wish it had a little extra zip to it. Maybe an herb or some spice to add an extra dimension.

1st Visit – Trademark Brewing

Usually I like to first visit a new brewery on opening weekend but I waited a couple weeks before heading to Long Beach to check out the much talked about Trademark Brewing. Here is the initial report…

The space is just huge. A really long blonde wood bar is just one component of a seating area that stretches off into the distance. Jenga and cornhole are way off in the distance and when the sun isn’t actively trying to burn us, there is also outdoor seating.

The taster flight presentation is nice. Logo’d up quite well. I ordered up a wide ranging variety of beers from their menu. I like the 3-word descriptions used. I started with Viking Blonde which was a little fruity with a nice leading hit of orange. Next was the Batch One Farmhouse which imparted a spicy clove.  Almost a Cinnamon Tripel which must be from the expressive yeast. Waffles is how I would describe it. Into IPA territory for Hula Moon which is lots of pineapple. Tastes like the near the core. Gristly part. Not really IPA to me but amazing to know that it is the hops creating that fruit taste. Hop choice two was Keyboard Warrior which I think is a great name. This imperial tastes a little burnt and more on the caramel side. I finished with 10 Hour Imperial Stout leads with smoky. Coffee grounds being the other prominent note for me.

A good start on the beer and an even better start on the vibe and interior design.

Trade Hog

You may know that Trademark Brewing is close to opening (or open now as of posting date). It is on my list of breweries to watch as Long Beach continues to grow apace.

Near them in the Washington neighborhood of Long Beach will reside the super small Hog Canyon Brewing. Founded by Larry Chavez, this nano is looking to open later this year, probably Q4 and start up with what will be by necessity a rotating set of beers.

Look for 1st Visit reviews of TM first and then Hog Canyon as I try to stay current with the scene to the south.