Just a Thought -Part 1

L.A. craft beer at the airport.  Why isn’t there more there?  I was set to thinking about this when I read (somewhere) that an America whiskey maker was setting up shop in a Paris airport.

Couldn’t there be a cart or a pop-up Welcome to L.A. Craft beer spot at LAX? It could be to-go only or a little biergarten area where either weary travelers could disembark from the plane and have a drink or a place where you could get a last minute gift before heading home.

It could rotate between Torrance breweries for a month, then DTLA, then Long Beach to keep things fresh and new.  Merch could be up for sale as well.  Teaming up with a winery or local spirits makers would work too.

Might make me think about flying more.

California Growler Challenge – June Update

Here is what has happened in the first half of the year. It may not seem like much, but considering that I am brand new at this and I can’t devote loads of time to it, the progress ain’t half bad.

-started an electronic petition
-got a Facebook page up and running
-created a letter to your representative template
-raised awareness

Now it is time to try to get some bigger guns in the fray. So here is where YOU come in (yet again). If you know anybody in the following areas: recycling, California tourism, beverage container manufacturers or a politician, start telling them about the “Brewed in California” growler idea. Ask for their feedback. See if the idea has a fatal flaw or needs to be tweaked. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, sign them up and get them involved. If we can get a coalition of people and groups and businesses, we stand a better chance of succeeding.

I am going to start by reaching out to the Container Recycling Institute and see what she thinks of the California growler.

And to make the conversation clear, here is what I perceive as the need.
To change current law so that any participating brewery can sell a “Brewed in California” growler alongside their own branded growler. This growler could be legally filled by any participating brewery in the State of California as long as the beer information is attached to the growler via a sticker or other means.

and the why?
Two reasons. To create craft beer tourism options for the State of California while also creating an incentive to re-use one container repeatedly thus helping the recycling cause.

And if you haven’t written your state representatives, then do so! It can be done online! Let them know you care.