2nd Visit – Harlowe’s French Dip

My wife and I ducked into Harlowe’s French Dip a couple months back. We split a sandwich before continuing on with our weekend but I marked down that I would need to re-visit when I could try some craft beer with the food. Because if it is a Tony Alcazar restaurant, that HAS to be done.

So with some State Brewing and Craftsman beer on the table, I settled into some great food that my photos do not do justice to like this salad with edible flowers, avocado and cucumbers

and this asparagus starter

but the best was the pastrami French Dip. Simply done, with great meat, cheese and bread.

There is a fancy burger list as well to complement the tap list that rotates quite a bit but always has a little bit for everyone. Harlowe’s is a great little spot on Union Street.