1st Visit – Relentless / Eagle Rock

Temecula has come to Eagle Rock in the form of Relentless Brewing. I have spoken with the folks behind the bar, restaurant and distillery but here are my first impressions…

The corner space is a bit small with a reverse L shaped bar fronted by a few stools with crown cap seats (which I thought was a nice design touch).  There are a few tables in front with a garage door that can be opened onto Colorado Boulevard.  With the tables and stools filed, the place can get a bit loud.  That volume and the liquor bottles on shelves make this look on initial blush like a regular cocktail bar.

Beer wise it is primarily other local beers now.  Relentless soft opened during L.A. Beer Week so having options like Imperial Western, Lincoln, Indie, Smog City and Boomtown was a smart go since they did not have their own beers available in quantity yet.  They have around 18 taps and the beer menu is divided into light and refreshing, malty, hoppier and sours and funks. 

The only house beers were in the hoppy and sour categories.  I ordered Blitz Storm Hazy but it was out and bartender somewhat weirdly recommended an Offshoot Hazy instead of something from their own line. So I picked out an IPA and a sour to taste.  Below are my mini-reviews…

Dank You So Much – OK. Piney, West Coast.  Sticky.  Some citrus peel, a skosh bit of butter

Tequila My Vibe – quite tart. Guava forward.  Pretty cocktail color. Tequila barrel doesn’t really show. Maybe some apricot and really light peach

March 2019 Food GPS Posts

In case you forgot to check out the fantastic food coverage on the Food GPS website, then you may have not seen the beer coverage either.

Here is your handy link spot to read what I covered in Brew & You in March….

March 7th – Beer in Temecula, Border X + Dry River Triple Can release.

March 21st– Monrovia Beer, the Cellador Famille + 8 Bit in K-Town.

Temecula Beer Photos # 2

Since the article of Temecula breweries visited by yours truly is hitting Food GPS tomorrow, here are some more photos to whet the appetite…

The coasters were stacked deep at Garage Brewing that was hopping on an early Saturday night.
The romantic nook at Aftershock Brewing.
Wandered by this new brewery on Front Street (but the beer names put me off)

Temecula Beer Photos # 1

For my birthday weekend, I got a night in a vintage Airstream trailer and to check out the beer scene in Temecula. Here are some photos from the days…(words on the matter to follow on Food GPS)

The beer menu at Stop 1 – Aftershock. 3rd Degree was good, and I loved the branding and their little two person drinking nook.
My favorite stop was 8 Bit in neighboring Murrieta. Great beer names and the two beers that I tried were quite good.
Old beer bottles at the Temecula Valley Museum. In one historical panel I saw the last name Cilurzo and in another close by, the words Blind Pig.

Garage Brewing – 2 Beer Review

I am always on the look-out for new local-ish breweries and when I saw cans from the new Garage Brewing Co. on shelves, I picked up a pair to review. We start with their entrant to the over crowded IPA category.

Nothing particularly wrong here. Earthy hops. Little rye type spice action. Overall just not much there here. Pours a clear light orange. Almost close to DIPA strength. Packaging evokes metal and not garage to me. The can says citrus but that is not coming through.

Marshmallow Milk Stout
Pours a jet black color. This really captures marshmallow. It is quite sweet but that is what marshmallow is. Lighter in alcohol than the IPA. Little bit of chocolate here. Sweetness is the star of this show. The lactose packs a punch.

So, one out of two, which isn’t bad for a growing brewery. Especially when you consider that a great IPA is a one in a million shot and most land squarely in the middle. From these two cans, I certainly would not hesitate to try the third beer.

Featured Review – Far Post from Wiens Brewing


We head to Temecula and Wiens Brewing for this review. Far Post Brown Ale conjures up images of soccer fields to me but the brewers have other ideas. Envisioning arrows and banners and battle.

This ale starts with an aroma of chocolate lava cake. Milk chocolate primarily. That doesn’t follow into the flavor though there is a touch of cocoa in the taste. It is light but still cake-y. And the label does not lie. It is quite the dry finish. I noticed a pucker in my mouth as I sipped away on this one.

I wasn’t sold at first but the chocolate keeps coming at you and I am starting to ponder which desserts to match with it as I drink.

Wiens beers are starting to pop up on L.A. beer shelves and are worth a look.

Take the I-15

IMG_3587.PNG I have been hard on beer festivals of late, but something about the eagerness of the I-15 fest seems to work for me.

“We are doing with the I-15 Brew Festival is injecting new life into the traditional brew festival. We feel that by hosting an event at night, bringing in concert and laser lighting, specialty performers and music to surround the breweries that it will be an event that will go over big with the audience.”

Now, hopefully, more local (ie Temecula) breweries will appear on the participating brewery page.

Two from Temecula


I haven’t had the fortune to taste any beers from the Wiens (pronounced, “Weenz”) Brewing Co.  But I like the labels and I would like to taste these and maybe a bottle or two will find their way to L.A. County.  Nudge, nudge.


Let’s Tour – Black Market Brewing

GABF medalists from Temecula, California. Say hello to the Black Market, Brewing Company that is.

I recently tasted a few of their beers at a Meet the Brewery style event at Blue Palms Brewhouse and came away with mixed feelings. The brown ale was solid and I know the Rye IPA is good but I was left a little cold by the red ale (Scary Carrie) and their Hefeweizen and dunkle which just tasted off style and too cereal grainy to me.

That said. Not all breweries have exceptional beer from top to bottom that suits my particular taste. I’m just glad that more breweries keep springing up in the Golden State.