Sweet Sixteen Brewery # 3 – Monnik Beer Company

Our last Women’s Sweet Sixteen stop is in the Schnitzelburg neighborhood of Louisville, the home of Monnik Beer Company.

Let’s dive into what might be in that first taster tray…

Italian Disco Pilsner to start off on the light yside the new onto Birds Can’t Row Boats “Single hopped pale ale with Sultana hops.” Then going darker to King George Brown Ale “A big English brown ale with pear ester aroma, toasty caramel flavor, and a dry finish.” Then finish it off with His Dark Materials “A lactose-sweetened stout, with aromas of roast and tobacco and rich flavors of dark fruits, and bittersweet chocolate; finishing with a rich and silky body.”

Sweet Sixteen Brewery # 2 – Freewheel Brewing

Next up in the Women’s Sweet Sixteen Brewery tour is the new national champion, Stanford. Nearby in Redwood City is Freewheel Brewing

Mind the Gap IPA – “Our “English-American” keg IPA. More hops and ABV than the English version. It starts off with the bitterness of an American-style IPA, but finishes smooth, and a little sweet like an English-style IPA. We use different hops to dry-hop in each batch!”

Dark Mild – “A little known style in the US, this great session beer is based on an award winning ale from Bank Top Brewery, Bolton. This dark mild is stuffed full of malt and roast aroma, to tempt the taste-buds with chocolate and liquorice. A pint to share in the company of your well groomed whippet.”

London Calling Bitter – “Think not “Bitter”, think a better session beer, bang on in flavor and body. Crystal malt adds bang to the buck, with American grown classic Goldings and Styrian Goldings for a traditional British brew. So if you’re contemplating whether to stay or go, this beer should give you a good reason to order another.”

Gold – “Our mate Dave, brewer at Ironbridge, passed us the recipe for this cracking brew, a permanent fixture at his pub, the “Fighting Cocks” in Shropshire. Start with an inviting creamy head lacing down behind a light and golden nectar, with Centennial hops giving thirst cutting bitterness and aroma. Just a great beer and a keeper.”

Sweet Sixteen Brewery # 1 – 1912 Brewing

The quick among you will be able to guess the mis-direction once I say that 1912 Brewing is based on Tucson, Arizona. No, not talking about the Men’s Sweet Sixteen but rather the Women’s being played in San Antonio. We start with the Arizona Wildcats and a surprising run from the PAC 12 to the title game.

Let’s take a look at the beers…

1730 Lager – “1730 is an artisanal lager made with American hops, a touch of rye malt, and heaps of pilsner malt. Aromas of a traditional German pilsner and tasting notes of tropical and citrus fruits, a touch of rye spiciness, and a subtle hop finish. Brewed with our friends at the JW Marriott Starr Pass…”

Adapt IPA – “The second of 3 newly formulated Hazy IPA’s based upon the fighting spirit and training of the United States Marine. Adapt uses Cashmere, Mosaic, and Idaho 7.”

Este Way Gose – “A Gose with a pleasant tangerine and orange zest aroma. Reminisce your favorite Margarita’s with this one, Este Way has a tart lime flavor, that finishes nice and dry.”

The Clurichaun Stout – “Enticing you with a sweet creamy aroma. As you take your first sip, you’re tricked with immense dark chocolate and coffee, smoothing into mouth-watering Irish Whiskey”

Beer Bracketology

Well, no March Madness this year, BUT… Silva Brewing, released their “Sweet Sixteen” earlier this month and this bracket could be filled out and won, no matter how you picked. Maybe next year, I will get my act together and create a bracket of L.A. beers to vote on and find out our local “Final Four”.