It is not often that I am jazzed about the food options at a brewery in Los Angeles. It is usually not about food quality either. It is mostly that I pick a weekend destination based on the beer. So I end up with whomever is there when I am.

All preamble to the exciting news that APL BBQ from noted chef Adam Perry Lang will be on hand each weekend at Strand Brewing in Torrance from Father’s Day weekend until September.

In the holy trinity of food that pairs with beer, pizza, tacos and BBQ would be my choices and to get the buzzworthy BBQ is an added inducement to head to Torrance.

Newly Distilled in Torrance

As is often the case with Strand Brewing, they tease a new venture in advance and then it gets a little lost before it comes to fruition.

I posted about their distilling a few months back and now, as you can see from the photo, whiskey and vodka under the Strand moniker has arrived.

Available at their taproom to go.

A Distilling Strand

Perhaps the fine brewing folks at Strand Brewing in Torrance are gonna use some of their massive space for distilling, that would be quite the coup. Then they could use their barrels for beer as well. Put a pin on this one and we will see what develops.

Featured Review – Flying Cat IPA from Strand Brewing

The Curious and Fantastic Flying Cat pours a dark yellow, orange color. Wet mouthfeel up front but a firm kick of old school hop bitterness at the back from this Strand Brewing beer. But for an IPA labeled ad “brewed with Citra hops”, the citrus element is not really there. Way more earth and tree to my palate. With a touch of dried fruit note (pineapple). Don’t quite know why the cat has armpit hair and is flying to close to the sun.

Featured Review – Abe Lickin’ DIPA from Strand Brewing

First off, I really hope there is a funny joke / story about Mr. Lincoln because this is a weird label. Like a dripping popsicle or something. In regards to the beer, I could tell straightaway that this was a Strand Brewing beer. It has their house character. Almost British in style. Close to a Barleywine but it edges back away at the end. Grassy hops, a little woodsy and a faint berry note lie inside too. Had a bit of slickness in the mouthfeel. It leaves me on the fence. It needs a little something added but I can’t put my finger on it.

Put the Bear in the Can

Set aside your feelings on 16oz cans and the term unfiltered vs. hazy and instead look at the second hop on the label of Little Bear from Strand Brewing. A good chance to see how this hop works with Mosaic and whether you should look for more IPA’s with that hop attached.

3 OG Anniversaries

Sunday, January 20th – “Ladyface 9th Anniversary Celebration & Block Party, plus the chance to purchase one of the coveted Anniversary glasses (special limited release) that brings you happy hour pricing all year, any day, any time on Ladyface Ales. Purchase your Anniversary glass on this day and fill it with “Dreamer” our 9th Anniversary Ale–a barrel aged Barleywine!”

Saturday, January 26th – Eagle Rock 9th Anniversary “Can you believe we’ve been brewing at our little brewery for NINE years?? We’re ecstatic to be able to celebrate with you! Save the date and get ready to PARTY! More details to come!”

TBD – Strand Brewing 9th Anniversary – ???

Strand at Arclight

Good to see that Arclight is dipping their toe into craft beer to go with their movie experience….

…and even better to see that Strand Brewing is involved. I can imagine a range of beers with movie names like Blockbuster Bock or Above-the-Line Alt but those might be too niche-y of beers for a night watching Avengers avenge whatever needs avenging.