Featured 19.2 Review – SeaQuench from Dogfish Head

I thought I would kill three birds with one stone and get a Dogfish Head beer since I hadn’t had one in such a long time, and try SeaQuench, their popular seller for the first time, and get the 19.2oz can too.

The lime (from either peel, juice or different varietal) comes through in the aroma. That is immediately cut by a one-two punch of salt and then wheat. At first SeaQuench comes across as sour but with each progressive sip, it becomes less aggressive. It has a cocktail quality to it. Lime Rickey maybe.

I can’t quite wrap my head around why this is such a popular beer, not from a taste standpoint, because this is a nice American twisted Gose, but because of the salt. I think the American palate has tilted towards extremes. Sugary. Salty. Sour and even bitter to a certain extent but this mixes tart and salt. I do wonder if a brand extension is in the offing too.

As far as the larger format can, this is a perfect choice at 4.7%. This would be a great beach beer.

Featured 19.2 Review – Carlsberg Danish Lager

I haven’t had a Carlsberg in a long time but at the price that my local Trader Joe’s was selling them, I couldn’t pass it up. Here is my review of the stovepipe can of the Danish Lager.

Well, technically not a stovepipe, but it is above 16oz even if by just an almost ounce, so I am counting it. Pours super clear. Darker yellow than expected and a lingering foam to it as well. First note is pear. A little dry.  A bit sweet close to honey note. Not super grain forward. A bit slick.  No snap to it.