From 200 to Five

Recently I posted about a 200th anniversary beer from Belgium. Now we stay in that country but subtract 195 for a new beer…

Here is the description, “St. Feuillien FIVE is a refreshing 5% ABV bottle-conditioned pale blond ale with a strong, sparkling character emitting fine bubbles. Delicate fruity hints empowered by nuances of citrus zests give way to a delightfully fresh and hoppy aroma. It is a flavorful, sweet and malty and full-bodied beer with a pleasant balance post-bitterness, and it pours with a stable head of white foam.”

Sounds like a good summer beer to have on hand.

The Beers of Christmas – Day 8

We land in Belgium and St. Feuillien and their Cuvee de Noel.

I consider this one of the beers that I associate with holiday drinking and their website describes it as a ….”beer has a generous head – compact and firm. Its slightly brown colour is the result of the roasted barley. It has a dark ruby brown colour and a very intense aroma. The aromatic herbs and spices used greatly enhance its delicious smell. This beer is full-bodied with a smoothness that is the result of the synergy of caramelised malts, carefully controlled fermentation and long cold storage. St-Feuillien Cuvée de Noël has a very subtle bitterness that is the dominant flavour in this harmonious ale that strikes a perfect balance between all the different ingredients.”

St. Feuillien in DTLA


Tomorrow night you get the chance to ” Meet and Greet” Dominique Friart from Brasserie St Feuillien at Little Bear in DTLA.

And a special “9L Salmanazar of St Feuillien Triple will be popped in celebration of St Feuillien’s 140th anniversary and La Blanche, Saison, Triple and Belgian Coast IPA will be on tap with suggested food pairings crafted by the culinary artists at Little Bear!”