Like a Boss

I an just going to let the press release do the talking for this new IPA from Smog City...

“We are SO excited and proud to be releasing the Women of Smog collaboration beer, Total Boss Red IPA, this Friday, 7/16, in 4-pack cans & draft. This beer is more than just a delicious libation. It’s a statement about how we at Smog City feel about women in the beer industry- they are Total Bosses! We think women deserve respect and a place on the brew deck and are a driving force in making the craft beer industry a better, more inclusive & creative space for all. Over half of our leadership team is female, including our owner Laurie, and we demand respect for all the amazing ladies on our team.

To make Total Boss, all of the Women of Smog worked together to form the recipe (with the support of our brewmaster) and then they hopped on the brew deck to make the beer. It’s been a fantastic and uplifting process for them to come together and create this brew out of solidarity for all the hardworking women in our industry that are overlooked & mistreated far too often.

The beer is a bright, citrusy red IPA brewed using Red X malt for a beautiful ruby hue. It comes in at 6.3% and will be canned the same day we release it, this Friday! And special thanks to @mrdavidruano for this amazing label! Swipe left to see the copy up close and the original photo of the ladies on brew day.”

10 Smoggy Years

I bet that if the 10th anniversary had fallen in 2020 that would have been hard. Thankfully Smog City gets to celebrate this milestone with a better semblance of reality as well as a new special IPA. Plus, you know they will be finding some special goodies from the cellar to offer.

Dual Review – Infinite Wishes 2020 and Infinite Wishes / Peanut Butter 2021

Normally, I would review the standard Infinite Wishes as well as any and all 2021 variants. Since normal is still a few months away, I have cracked open a 2020 as well as the Peanut Butter Cup version.

Now let’s review these two from Smog City

Oh the Wishes I should have made this time last year.  But let’s talk about this waxed Bourbon Barrel Imperial stout, which the label describes as “a bourbon chocolate pie”.  I initially get a red wine vinous note along with a touch of coconut.  As it warms up, the chocolate starts to cone through. A mix of milk and dark versions.  A tiny hint of oak adds a different taste along with a bit more carbonated sparkle than I expected. 

Now let’s turn to Reeses, Jeff, Skippy or wherever your personal peanut butter fix comes from…

Big peanut hit upon popping the bottlecap.  It is not a candy aroma or taste though.  More peanut butter cookie to me.  Maybe a cookie dough effect. Less carbonated than the previous Infinite Wishes which I think works better. The bourbon barrel flavors are effectively removed. I wish that some more of that remained to create a boozy cookie simulacrum. 

Wishes Delayed

One of the fun points in the LA beer calendar is being delayed a bit for safety reasons which I applaud. Here’s are the details on the coming Infinite Wishes release from Smog City.

“One of the best parts about Wishes Day is getting to try all the variants, talk about your favorite variant (or the OG) with you, which one you’re most surprised by, and which one you’re going to buy a whole case of. Since we can’t share that experience with you if we can’t serve beer onsite, we’ve decided that delaying the release was the best thing to do right now. Also, Wishes day always draws a huge crowd (yay!) and we all know that now is not the time for crowds, even if it’s for an amazing beer. 

What we can tell you is that we are concocting 4 delicious variants in addition to the straight IW release and no matter what, the day is going to look different than it has in the past. Rest assured, we are working on creative ways to encapsulate the excitement and thrills of Wishes Day while still keeping our community safe!”

Chocolate Smog

If you have neither had a fancy bottle from the Wood Cellar at Smog City Brewing or have had wild and chocolate then the new, Fancy Chocolate will knock both items off of your bucket list.

Here is what the Torrance brewery has to say about this beer, “this deeply nuanced Dark Wild Ale with Berries brings a complex presence of bakers chocolate and espresso with aromas of bright berry fruit and hints of toasty barrels eliciting the sense of enjoying a delicious bar of fruited dark chocolate.”


I have been holding off on the Festbier posts until now because I believe in seasonality and not drinking PSLs in August.

And I thought what better way to usher this beer style back into our lives, than with the Smog City version. Not only is it one of the better names, it is also a damn fine beer.

Time to get FEST-ive.

New Beginnings

Shoots of beer growth are starting to happen again! First up is a name I have been talking about for some time, Paperback Brewing in Glendale which is right near The Glendale Tap. They teased on Instagram the date of 7/3.

Second, it appears that the Glendora location of Smog City is on track to be open sooner rather than later as well.

Make sure to look for any instructions either place will be needing you to follow and be super nice to these people who have been through a ringer already.

Smog City Crowlers

I ordered up some can, bottle and crowler goodies from Smog City and now is the time to give my thoughts on …..

Starting with the crowler of Practicing Perfection Pale Ale which pours a dark orange color. I get a bit of Sweet Tart in the aroma along with some orange zest. The juicy bitterness really lingers on the palate. Getting a bit of lime and grapefruit here as well.

Next up is the wordplay of Mosaic Me Crazy. The crowler cracks open with a really nice aroma.  Bright and citrusy.  Clear yellow in color. Pear notes and some lime lemon citrus.  Strong bitterness.  Crisp.