If you do not know by now, Smog City Brewing is REALLY community focused.  Be it the California craft beer community or our climate changed world.

Their latest collaborative effort is with, Pure Project Brewing, and the , National Forest Foundation for the release of Forest Understory IPA, part of the Smog City Community Impact Series of beers.  Pure Project will counter with Beneath the Canopy Murky IPA. 

Every purchase of Forest Understory IPA will have a portion of the proceeds donated to the National Forest Foundation.

Go Timbers!

Smog City has entered into a new partnership with the Dignity Health Sports Park home of MLS LA Galaxy in Carson. Quasar Blonde Ale will be available at the stadium in the hot new 19.2oz can format.  “Quasar Blonde Ale is an easy drinking approachable 4.8% blonde ale with smooth malt notes and subtle hop flavor that keep you refreshed the whole match all the way to full time!”

Sean Suggests for June 2023

We are going full on L.A. Beer Week beers for this month’s shopping list. From two Freaky Friday South Bay friends to a Crenshaw collaboration.

El Segundo Squirrel-Toothed Tiger – 6.7% – “We went hoppier, Americanier, and, dare we say, downright more majestic than a pre-historic squirrel on their best day. Sure, the tiger may look friendly, albeit a little funny, but it remains a tiger with an inherent instinct to kill nonetheless!”

Crowns & Hops / Los Angeles Ale Works Down Crenshaw IPA – 7% – Mosaic, Nelson and Enigma hops headline this dank West Coast IPA Boulevard.

Smog City Smogberry IPA – 7.2% – Smog City re-imagines the iconic Mayberry IPA.

Cold in the Park

Smog City Brewing is bringing back their Park Hopper IPA as the first beer in their 2023  1 Percent for the Planet Community Impact Series.

The new Park Hopper is now a 6.6% cold IPA as opposed to last year’s hazy version.

Here is some further (quite important) info, “for the 3rd year in a row, we’ve partnered with Parks California to make Park Hopper IPA to highlight & support the work they do to make our parks more welcoming, inclusive, and climate-resilient.”

California Craft Beer Summit – Report 3

First bit of business is last nights quick and rainy trip to Moksa Brewing in Rocklin.

The beer list was just a skosh unbalanced with one lager and about six IPA’s of various stripes and six stouts of various adjuncts. The Chai Times spiced Stout was excellent and beer buddy Rich had a very rich in chocolate stout that I thought was great. The lager, Da Bier was just the antidote after a day of drinking. Moksa also won the weirdest beer award with Freshie Freeze that was super citrusy but it also had a strange diesel note as well.

Back to Wednesday, the 1/2 day. After a visit to fuel up at the Pancake Circus we headed to a Sensory Session with Omega Yeast. This is where the thiol learning from the day before came in handy, I sampled a test brew and boy was it as advertised. Huge grapefruit and passion fruit, almost too much. Amazing to taste what genetics and Crispr can do.

I also sample the Sierra Nevada kombucha with pizza and had a beermosa with Smog City’s Mango Pango.

Today was the day to hear from Pink Boot’s members who talked about the many benefits of the organization which was a welcome upbeat talk before we got the final session where the Cilurzo’s (Natalie and Vinnie) flanked Ken Grossman to talk about what they did with their breweries in the pandemic times as well as what they have in store for the future. More lagers from Russian River and more alternative drinks from Sierra Nevada.

While they spoke, the audience was treated to two special beers. Special being a bit of an understatement. First up was a 2010 Bigfoot that we tasted alongside the newest version. Next was a little bit of newly bottled Pliny the Younger, this year with Nectaron hops in the mix. Not a bad way to call the Summit to a close.

New Look for Spring

Smog City Brewing along with Ryan Cochran, their label designer who brought to life the original labels and characters for Smog City IPA, Amarilla Gorilla IPA, Coffee Porter, and Sabre-Toothed Squirrel will be refreshing the art for 2023.  You can see a sneak of the IPA look below…

Amazing to realize that these beers were all originally released in 500ml bottles many moons ago.  I like the dominant blue look and the house style and whimsy is still there too.

Infinite 2023

Smog City will make wishes come true March 17th through 19th with Infinite Wishes Weekend.  I bring this up now because the pre-sale of bottles starts this month on February 26th.

I will follow up with more Wish Weekend information when those details are made public.

Review – Frost Flowers Hazy IPA from Smog City

Let’s dive into a new hazee from Smog City Brewing in Torrance, Frost Flowers in the colorfully bright can….

Haven’t seen a flower with even a smidgen of frost on it here in L.A. but I will take Smog City’s word for it. This Hazy IPA is 6.4% and pours with a decent amount of orangey haze. It is the first Smog Days Series beer for 2023. Hopped with Amarillo, Ekuanot and Azacca, I get orange peel and tangerine initially. More bitterness here than pillowy haze. A secondary hit of black tea. Tastes quite strong.