You’re Welcome

King Harbor has a new canned offering coming, but it is not hazy or a DIPA, it is smooth sailing…

…which I take to mean, the King Harbor equivalent of a table beer (or in popular sales parlance, the 805).

Perhaps this will take-off and be seen out on the beaches of Hermosa, Manhattan and others in the South Bay.

Review – Heretic Gramarye

It is time for a quick review (minus the video).

Today we tackle a Great American Beer Festival gold medal winner, Heretic Brewing’s Gramarye
First, here is the label copy, “Gramarye is the practice of learning magic. For thousands of years, people have used a grimoire (book of magic) to cast spells and summon spirits. Of course, magic fell out of favor over the centuries, the same as brewing with rye. Interest in magic seems to be on the upswing these days, and so is the interest in brewing with rye. A coincidence? This is our take on session pale ale made with a dose of rye malt to give it that luscious feel and snappy finish. We think it is magical.”
It pours a pretty dark orange color with plenty of bubbly action going from the bottom of the glass up. The aroma is primarily rye to me. Usually with rye beers that is a flavor that is part of the whole package and not up front and center. Here it is right on the nose. Has quite a bit of carbonation in the flavor that is followed to the tongue by the rye which is almost bready at this point and then the bitterness which really lingers at the back. I am also getting some vanilla notes as well. All of this at 4.4% abv. No wonder it won gold.