44 IPA

RnD IPA # 44  is coming from Russian River Brewing with quite the interesting hop list. HBC-586, Luminosa, NZH-106, Riwaka and Zumo hops.

On occasion, bottles will end up in my local Whole Foods and I will grab and review if this one shows up.

Not 42 Yet

Science, along with agriculture underpin beer and a brewery who is deep into both has another experiment coming out.  Actually two as Russian River Brewing recently released RnD IPA #40 & #41.  

They “were born from a collaboration with Omega Yeast for a special discussion at the 2024 CCBA Summit. Similar in taste yet distinct in appearance – one embraces a subtle haze while the other stands clear, all due to a genetic variation in the yeast.” 

Review – RnD #4 from Russian River

Time to check in with Research & Development at Russian River Brewing

#4 pours a really light yellow but has a huge floral and grape aroma that fills the glass. Along with the Concord grape aroma, I also get a touch of cattiness as well. There is a sharp biting hop hit at first that leads to the woody and fruity mashup. It tastes stronger than the color and 7% ABV would leas you to think.