Oinksterade in IPA Form

Looks like Relentless is fitting into their Eagle Rock environs. They have teamed up with fellow Colorado Blvd. business, The Oinkster to create an IPA’d version of their Oinksterade citrus drink. Combining Citra, Loral, Calypso and Cryo Simcoe to mimic the orange lemonade goodness. They also added orange and lemon zest to add a little more zing.

1st Visit – Relentless / Eagle Rock

Temecula has come to Eagle Rock in the form of Relentless Brewing. I have spoken with the folks behind the bar, restaurant and distillery but here are my first impressions…

The corner space is a bit small with a reverse L shaped bar fronted by a few stools with crown cap seats (which I thought was a nice design touch).  There are a few tables in front with a garage door that can be opened onto Colorado Boulevard.  With the tables and stools filed, the place can get a bit loud.  That volume and the liquor bottles on shelves make this look on initial blush like a regular cocktail bar.

Beer wise it is primarily other local beers now.  Relentless soft opened during L.A. Beer Week so having options like Imperial Western, Lincoln, Indie, Smog City and Boomtown was a smart go since they did not have their own beers available in quantity yet.  They have around 18 taps and the beer menu is divided into light and refreshing, malty, hoppier and sours and funks. 

The only house beers were in the hoppy and sour categories.  I ordered Blitz Storm Hazy but it was out and bartender somewhat weirdly recommended an Offshoot Hazy instead of something from their own line. So I picked out an IPA and a sour to taste.  Below are my mini-reviews…

Dank You So Much – OK. Piney, West Coast.  Sticky.  Some citrus peel, a skosh bit of butter

Tequila My Vibe – quite tart. Guava forward.  Pretty cocktail color. Tequila barrel doesn’t really show. Maybe some apricot and really light peach


Temecula is coming to Eagle Rock in the form of Relentless Brewing that posted this signage on their social media….

The space will also house a distillery both of which should find ready taps and bars on the busy stretch of Colorado Boulevard.