The job of creating cocktails for a nationwide chain must be hard enough. Trying to please corporate and managers without ever seeing an actual customer and finding out what they would actually like with their Red Robin burger.

Then fold in having to satisfy tie-ins and “synergy” must just add a whole new level of difficulty.

I imagine the discussion was, “tell the cocktail person that they need to use this brand of vodka and this brand beer and to use the can too ’cause the dishwasher costs are too damn high.”

On a side note, I like how they slyly add craft into the tag.  It dresses up the Coors.

I would rather buy Paula Deen butter because these cocktails look absolutely gross.


I read the following press release with a bit of trepidation….

“As Oktoberfest celebrations come to a head this fall, Red Robin’s new shake will leave beer enthusiasts and dessert-lovers alike craving a cold one—a cold beer milkshake, that is! Now through Nov. 11 (or until supplies last), Red Robin is featuring the Samuel Adams® Octoberfest Milkshake – a unique 21 and over milkshake made with creamy soft serve ice cream, Samuel Adams® Octoberfest draft, vanilla and caramel. A sip of this one-of-a-kind shake will rouse a round of toasts and solve one epic food dilemma, right up there with coffee or tea, onion rings or French fries, and soup or salad. The Octoberfest Milkshake offers a sweet solution – a milkshake and beer – in, one satisfying drink.”

Now this sprung from the mind of the Master Mixologist at Red Robin. A position that I did not know existed. To be honest, I know of only a couple of locations where Red Robin’s are currently and neither are stops on my beer journey’s. It might be good but I would only want a small taster at first before I ponied up any money for it.