Cool Labels / Cool Beers for November 2021

First up is a great combo name from Burgeon Beer...

…covers both fishing and sports in a lovely gradiated blue color.

Second up is the 4th PRSC beer, Summoning. The color palette is striking. This is their final release until they open up their tap room next year.

“Our Summoning wrapped aluminum can features the colors of the pan-African flag accompanied by silhouettes of marginalized people coming together to be seen, heard and respected.⁣⁣”


Normally, I do not publish in whole, what breweries send out but there is no way that I can summarize with the same power the back story to the latest beer from PRSC.

“At People’s Republic of South Central (PRSC), each beer release is crafted with the intention of giving you greater insight into our world-view.⁣

Today, we’re proud to introduce you to SYSTEMIC. This is the third beer release in our “one and done” charity can release series in which ALL net proceeds will go toward buying Chromebooks for children in South Los Angeles that do not have their own computers at home and are therefore being completely deprived of their fundamental right to an education during this pandemic. ⠀⁣
In pure beer-speak, SYSTEMIC is a West Coast IPA featuring Citra, Sabro, and Idaho 7 hops that lend aromas of tangerine and coconut that rolls into flavors of ripe mango and key lime. This beer will make its debut in South Los Angeles on Saturday, June 19th (Juneteenth).⁣
Beyond beer-speak, SYSTEMIC is an acknowledgment that South Los Angeles has been shaped by a century-long history of policy decisions that have systematically privileged the few over the needs of the many. Racist housing, land use, and labor policies, poor quality health care, inadequate public transportation and education systems, aggressive policing, a “war on drugs”, have “systemically” created a structural foundation upon which racial and economic injustice continue to operate to this day.⁣

Our SYSTEMIC wrapped aluminum can features a redlining map of Los Angeles from 1939 by the government-sponsored Home Owners Loan Corporation that served to crystalize discriminatory lending practices and reinforce racial and class bias in home ownership.⁣
Over the coming weeks, we’ll be using our Instagram account to explore this topic further. Hopefully you’ll think about this land of “opportunity” a little bit differently going forward.”