Craft Beer College


When people talk about beer school, they primarily focus in on the brewing aspect but Portland State University now has a course to address the business side of the equation.

I have pulled some bits from the article on the Oregonian newspaper website that I think will pique your interest if you are pondering running a craft beer company.

“..Professor Mellie Pullman,  who leads the new program for PSU’s Professional Development Center. “We’re focusing on the business skills that will make your brewery or pub more efficient and profitable. If you’re not already in the business, the classes will give you what you need to create a viable business plan for a startup.”

-many people don’t realize that craft beer is as much a business as any artistic endeavor. And a well-written plan is a guide map to being successful.

“And even if you don’t live here in Beervana, the courses are available online and can be accessed by anyone anywhere in the world.”

-so you can learn without packing up your bags and heading north.

Being in Portland means Pullman has access to a wide variety of industry partners. “We’ve already filmed a segment at Widmer Brothers Brewing  and two at Hopworks Urban Brewery,”  she said. The growing list of future partners includes Rogue Ales, a stalwart PSU supporter; Bull Run Distilling; suppliers such as Great Western Malting; equipment builders such as JV Northwest and Metalcraft Fabrication; and smaller breweries and brewpubs, including Captured by Porches  and Migration Brewing Co.

-brewery tours alone will not cut it.  You need to visit and talk with all types of vendors.

the class consists of four segments: Basic Business for Craft Breweries;  Craft Beverage Business Management;  Strategic Craft Beverage Marketing; and Finance and Accounting for the Craft Brewery;  plus an optional immersion weekend spent touring breweries and suppliers.

-I, so, would have taken this class back in my college days

Oregon Craft Beer Month – University beer


Do you know of a university with a namesake beer? Now you do. It’s Portland State.

PSU IPA is less bitter than most India pale ales with hints of chocolate and coffee.

“Rogue Ales founder Jack Joyce said the university agreed to let him brew the Portland State brand to honor the university’s commitment to sustainable practices that are part of his company’s culture.”