2nd Visit – Phantom Carriage

Phantom Carriage, the second time around.


Which leads us to the second post of the day……One of my dear friends much prefers beer-y destinations with food as well as drink and her saisons and sours more than hops and bourbon barrels which makes Phantom Carriage an excellent choice on two counts.

Now, I had only been the once during soft open time, so I wanted to see what the new beers were like and to check out the growth. I am happy to report that  the beers were as good, the food was hearty and the gothic decor added to without being too over the top.

Leapwood, billed as a session saison was quite the little funk bomb. Hearty and strong but with a low ABV. There were new beers on tap such as Ambler and Dolores as well as a guest tap all the way from Corvallis, Oregon.


My turkey melt with cranberry and Wensleydale cheese was quite good. The menu is simple. No frou frou items or wild ingredients but a notch above a simple burger and a good size as well. Not some gargantuan sandwich piled with toppings.

The only bad thing to say is that when you open the door, you are harshly reminded by the sun as your eyes re-acclimate to light that you are leaving.

Not so Phantom Anymore

Rejoice all ye’ patient beer lovers for the Phantom Carriage has arrived!  I have been waiting for this day since Requiem Stout from Gentleman Scholar arrived years back.  But then Muis arrived and now the full Phantom Carriage deal is upon us in time for Christmas no less.

A great present for LA for sure.


Check it out as soon as you can (preferably with out of town guests) to show off the Bergman Blond sour and their cool cocktails…


..and you get to check out their even more cool glassware….