Not a Pickle

Cucumber can be super refreshing. There is a reason why people put it on their eyes and why spa water normally has that as a flavor. Now Party Beer takes that and melon to make a “cool” sour. Coming out now as summer approaches is brilliant

LAFC Party

I am RCTID (Portland MLS fans will get it) but it is still quite the coup for Party Beer Co. just off the Expo Line in West Adams to gain LAFC official status. That means when football action starts back up, you will have a nice new craft beer to have while watching and cheering the Timbers, oops, LAFC.


Party Beer Co. not only wants you to drink beer but help out animals as well with their new release, Jolene Beane IPA. JB-IPA is described as “a light bodied, approachable IPA hopped with Simcoe, Amarillo, Sabro & Mosaic. A portion of proceeds from this limited run will be donated to the Tiger Frances Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to ending the abuse of all animals through innovative educational programs.


The cat puns continue at Party Beer Co. with their new Ariosto a 5% ABV Japanese lager describes by the brewery as “Crisp and ultra-dry, hopped with Slovenian Celeia.”

Though cats are dangerous enough without giving them weaponry.

Cool Beers & Beer Labels for September 2020

Those photos are awkward in the best way.

I can easily imagine parents relaxing after sending their kids to the prom (when those happen again) with a can or two of this Party Beer Co. Pilsner. The big hair on the men is just giggle inducing.

Another mythical creature and another hazy IPA from San Gabriel’s Ogopogo Brewing. I like the puzzled look on the Club wielded seems face. Like me in the morning. The color scheme of purple and green/blue is nice as well.

Review – Two from Party Beer Co.

There was a nice selection of beers from Lee Bakofsky to choose from at his new brewing adventure Party Beer Co. so I just chose the two with cats on the label.

Starting with Pizza Cat Pilsner. Pours a clear darker shade of yellow. Nice sharp taste. Good amount of carbonation for my palate. Also a healthy dollop of grain/toast taste here. Simple and well done.

Destroyer Of Worlds, the hazy IPA pours murky yellow and the aroma has that soft pineapple and tropicality that are hallmarks of the style. The taste is good but it lacks a little heft. There is a decent sized hop hit here but it recedes into pine. Is there such a thing as a session hazy?

1st Visit – Party Beer Co.

We are heading to the West Adams area of Los Angeles to visit Party Beer Co. for the first time.

Near the Farmdale Station of the Expo Line is the new Party Beer Co. tucked into the West Adams district, an area that looks to have had some Highland Park business activity happening before you know what happened and stopped most business in its tracks.

The space is lots of patio with a small rooftop area. You have to use the architectural design to imagine what the space will be like when fully operational so this first visit is more like a “what can be” review. It will most likely be similar to Block Party in Highland Park. More communal hang, birthday party, spring break. But with better drinks served.

Party Beer Co. also has a Beastie Boy video feel as the staff on opening day were all in jumpsuits. Some white and some peach. Which made the masks and shields less off putting and more part of the costume.

I will review two of the beers later this month. Pizza Cat Pilsner, Black Lives Matter Golden Ale, Destroyer of Worlds Hazy IPA, California Kölsch, West Coast IPA, and Nonna’s Bitters & Soda (a hard seltzer) were the available choices for takeout (or curbside pick-up). More seltzer’s to come but they will be more of a cocktail inspired version and not just insert fruit here.