Review – Two from The Crac Brewery

I scurried down to Carson to to-go some beers from one of the newest breweries in the L.A. area, Crac and brought back a pair to try and here’ve is my review…

AphrodisiCrac.  Smooth taste.  Has a touch of smoke, coffee and just the right amount of salinity.  All tied together into a beer ver I like what normally comes in 16ounce cans.

The Bollox. Very nice example of a barleywine.  Has a bit of floral aromatics but the cheek warming ABV and the nice punch of hops works really well together. A dash of caramel here too that ties it together. 

There were three other beers on offer and if these two are any indication, they will be pretty good.

Review – Oyster Stout from Henhouse Brewing

It is not often you see an Oyster Stout on shelves let alone one in summer, so I had to review it. Here is my reaction to the Oyster Stout from Henhouse Brewing.

Pours jet black. Nice espresso head that dissipates to around the rim. Burnt roast is kind of coffee like but also a hint of chocolate. Beer is actually a little thin. for a stout. A little briny, and the salt is pretty strong. A very seaworthy beer.

Chocolate & Oysters

I am glad to see an oyster stout, any oyster stout being produced. I think it is a cool sub-style and the fact that Gigantic is adding chocolate as a co-ingredient is brilliant. Sort of like a sea salt chocolate. Dark chocolate fans should look for this.

Review – Marooned on Hog Island

Hog Island Oyster Company is a big deal.  Not being a fan of oysters or their effects on the anatomy, I only know that through hearsay.  The only way I can make any judgement is through the beer that 21st Amendment brewed using Sweetwater Oysters.
This has a certain salinity in the aroma or maybe I have read the can too much and am expecting it to be there.  The beer is quite silky in mouthfeel at first then the taste morphs at the midway point and I detect honey and a bit of dryness.  Marooned has almost a Baltic porter base in my mind. At 7.9% it has a bit of heat to it.  A cheek warmer for sure.

A multi-faceted beer for sure and after my enjoyment of Toaster Pastry, I now want to find the Sully cans and try that beer as well.

The Return of Portland Brewing

The name change yo-yo at what was once Portland Brewing before becoming MacTarnahan’s is now back to being Portland again.
As the press release notes, “The main change for consumers will be that the company, its beers and packaging will once again proudly carry the Portland Brewing Company name. Beer drinkers will still see the company’s flagship brew – MacTarnahan’s Amber Ale – continue, along with many new offerings.”

But the bigger news hidden at the bottom of the press release is this…..

“As Portland Brewing Company moves forward, the company plans to introduce several new beers in 2013. This spring alone, consumers will see three new beers:

· Portland Brewing IPA: a new year-round beer. With a darker golden color and some of the most popular citrusy IPA hops, as well as Sterling for a bit of spiciness in the finish, this IPA is hoppy like a Northwest IPA should be. Five different hops and a soft malt backing make for one great, easy-drinking ale. Available in six-pack, 12-pack, 22 oz. bottles and on draft.
· Rose Hip Gold: a new spring seasonal that is a Belgian-style ale with notes of fruit and spice and a little citrusy bite from a generous addition of rose hips in the kettle. Available in six-pack, 22 oz. bottles and on draft.
· Oyster Stout: the company’s first brew in a new small batch draft program that is exclusive to the state of Oregon. It will feature locally sourced oysters from Yaquina Bay.

Consumers will begin to see some of these beers in market as early as Feb. 1.

Porterhouse Brewery

To Ireland we fly to talk about the Porterhouse Brewery. Ireland and Scotland have fallen behind Wales in craft beer but with BrewDog and Porterhouse, maybe the tide is turning.

Here are two of the beers that piqued my curiousity…
“A classic full bodied continental style pilsner with an ample balance of lip smacking Hersbrucker hops. A soft, quality hop flavour with the matching subtly of fine malt and sweetness.”
“Brewed with fresh oyster. A smooth drinking aromatic stout with a discernible but unidentifiable aromatic aspect. Not suitable for vegetarians.”