How Exciting

Yeah, Guild beers bring together a lot of breweries but I saw something more eclectic in this list for the 2020 Zwickelmania collaboration….

Allegory Brewing • Ambacht Brewing • Baerlic • Bend Brewing Company • Bent Shovel Brewing • Binary Brewing • Boneyard Beer • Breakside Brewery • Buoy Beer Company • Coin Toss Brewing • Deschutes Brewery • Ecliptic Brewing • Gigantic • Golden Valley Brewery • GoodLife Brewing Co. • Grixsen Brewing Co. • Heater Allen Brewing • Hopworks Urban Brewery • Laurelwood Brewing Co. • Leikam Brewing • Little Beast Brewing • Lucky Labrador • Ninkasi Brewing Company • Running Dogs Brewery • Sasquatch Brewery • Stickmen Brewing Company • StormBreaker Brewing • Vanguard Brewing Company • Von Ebert Brewing • Wild Ride Brewing

There are (3) breweries based in my college town of McMinnville on this list. You have old school like Lucky Lab and Ninkasi. You have super new like Leikam, Binary and Grixsen. Keep in mind, Oregon has a lot of breweries and to get this type of size and style and geographic diversity is excellent. I will be looking for this beer when I am in Oregon this month.

New in Oregon

The New School Beer Blog has posted up their list of anticipated breweries for Oregon. Check out their round-up HERE.

Mecca Grade is my #1 on the list. Their malt has been used in many a Brouwerij West beer so it will be interesting to see how often they will showcase other breweries that use their malt alongside their beers. Notable that Mikkeller will finally open in Portland as well. I am already charting how to get to some of these spots when I am next in Portland.

Christmas Beer 2019 # 10 – pFriem Winter Ale

Off to Hood River and the wonderful beers of Josh pFriem and his pFriem Family Brewers. Here is how their website describes the seasonal, “Cozy up to the fire with a pint of pFriem’s Winter Ale and gift your taste-buds with hints of spice, orange zest, caramel and a touch of spruce tree. You may even sense the subtle notes of fruitcake, which might encourage you to share this Winter Ale with your family and friends. Unlike fruitcake, this is a beer that will not be re-gifted.”

PDX Visit – Ferment Brewing Company

I am not “Wowed” by many brewery taprooms but Ferment Brewing Company has designed a spectacular space I never which to drink their beers. On the Columbia River, a tough four minute walk from pFriem, the brewing space is encountered first on the ground floor. You walk up to a large outdoor space with a large rectangular gas fed fire pit spitting flames. You can gather round or take a seat and look out at the River. Once inside the smell of malt wafted up as I ordered at the bar. The furniture and fixtures were classy metal meets wood.

Onto the beer, the 12 Degrees Czech Pilsner was the best of the classic taster tray bunch. Light and floral and crisp. Neither the Pale or IPA left much of a lasting impression. Neither were super hoppy and both were low ABV. The ESB was another middle pack beer but the Dry Stout was super smoke tilted, and almost Rauchbier adjacent on a real light body. There were multiple special beers but I wanted to get a grounding of their core beers first.

Two Birds

In St. Helens, Oregon, Ye Ol’ Grog Distilling has created a side project with spirit. Two Birds Spirited Ice Cream and Cocktail Sorbets.  They make 12 proof ice cream using mostly vodka but they have dabbled with beer.  Due to liquor laws, this is a distillery only purchase but maybe or nascent but growing, L.A. scene will take note and make their own iced treats.


Not exactly sure what Full Sail’s “Atomizer technology” is other than branding but I would say that the Amber and Lager versions would be the first two out of the hop infused box for me.”

Atomizer IPA – “Since earth has become overrun with IPAs, Full Sail Brewing developed a high-tech, top-secret, hop-infusion method for this unfiltered, hoppy brew. A blend of pale and wheat malts, along with a healthy addition of oats, create a light golden base allowing Cryo Citra, Mosaic, Simcoe and Ekuanot hops to shine. Juicy aromas of tropical fruit, citrus, and melon pop in this ultra-balanced beer.”

Atomizer Pale – “Pale and light crystal malts, along with a small addition of toasted oats, add subtle complexity to this refreshing hop bomb. Bright notes of guava, papaya and citrus from Mosaic and Simcoe hops are enhanced by Full Sail’s high-tech, top-secret, hop-infusion method. This well-balanced Atomizer Pale Ale is ingeniously flavorful and super-drinkable.”

Atomizer Amber – “Brewmaster Greg Doss has always wanted to make this beer – a hoppy version of Full Sail’s flagship Amber Ale. The proprietary Atomizer technology made it achievable by delivering a pure hop note to pair with the classic malt backdrop. The combination of subtle chocolate and caramel character with citrus-forward hops makes a compelling beer. This go-to, anytime beer is the best of all worlds – complex and interesting, not bitter, not sweet, and flat-out drinkable.”

Atomizer Lager – “Atomizer Lager is an interesting concept – add tropical hop character to a light international lager. Using proprietary Atomizer technology, we did just that. Simcoe hops lend delicate citrus, tropical, and melon  to this ultra-clean, super-drinkable lager delivering an increased aroma that makes Atomizer Lager stand out in a crowd.”

Fast Growing Brewery # 1 – Werner Brewing

This month, I am featuring breweries that made the yearly Fastest Growing brewery list from the Brewers Association and out first stop is in the coastal cheese town of Tillamook in Oregon, Werner Brewing.

And here is what I would sample first….

Backroad Blonde – “a light bodied blonde ale with a sweet finish that makes it perfect for a hot summer day.”

Hazy Pale – ” our hazy hop monster creation. Well balanced and our massive addition of dry hops shines through with a dominant citrus profile.”

Coastal Brown – ” an exceptionally smooth very drinkable ale with hints of chocolate and caramel lingering in the background finished with a slight NW style hop bite.”

Trask Mountain IPA – ” a refreshing light bodied hop forward ale finished with citrus and tropical aromas.”

Eugene Brewery # 3 – Coldfire Brew Co.

We’re heading to Mill Street for our last stop in Eugene, Oregon at Coldfire Brew Co. Here are my choices for the initial taster tray that I would order.

Czech Pilsner – “This pilsner is both light and soft and has notes of spice, honey and lemon. Bohemian floor malted pilsner and Czech Saaz hops give this beer the classic underpinnings inherent in the style. A well rounded easy drinking lager.”

Don’t be Bitter! an ESB – “This traditional ale is a classic in every way. We start with a water profile that fits the style and selected only the highest quality English malts and hops. This beer is fermented with West Yorkshire Ale yeast, and dry hopped with East Kent Goldings for a truly beautiful combination of nostalgia and flavor. DBB drinks as a light; but malt forward ale with a balancing, refreshing bitterness that will leave you wanting one after another.”

Pick Me! a Pale Ale – “Crafted with the best Chinook and Mosaic hops available for a bright, classic, yet modern flavor.”

St. James IRA – “Winner of the 2017 – GABF Double Red Silver Medal! A malty, biscuity red ale balanced by generous additions of dry hops.”

Affogato coffee cream ale – “This coffee cream ale was brewed with traditional ingredients; but infused with milk sugar and high-quality, cold processed Columbian coffee. All of the traditional elements of the cream ale are apparent in this creation.”