OBF 2016

It is hard to imagine but the Oregon Brewers Festival will turn 29 years young when the annual event takes place from July 27 through July 31 this year at Tom McCall Waterfront Park in downtown Portland. Since Beervana is also known as the Rose City, I consider this fest the Rose Bowl of festivals. Classy with history. (in this scenario the GABF is the National Championship Game – gaudy and for all the marbles).

88 beers will be pouring and what I like about this fest (which for some reason) has not been replicated here in Los Angeles, is that you buy a taster mug for $7 and then you can buy tokens for however many beers you want. You can show up each of the days the fest runs and have one beer or two and then leave. Plus the MAX transit line is right there so you don’t have to drive or find parking.

The other fun aspect is that there is an International Beer Garden which “will feature six breweries from Japan – Baird, North Island, Shiga Kogen, Shonan, Y Market and the winner of a national beer competition in Japan hosted by the Japan Beer Journalists Association; seven breweries from The Netherlands – De Molen, Frontaal, Maximus, Oedipus, Oersoep, Oproer and Van Moll; plus two breweries from Germany – Brauerei Nothhaft and Lang Bräu. The International Beer Garden was incorporated three years ago as part of a cultural exchange of ideas, knowledge and the worldwide celebration of craft beer.”

One of these days, I will plan my trips to Portland to coincide with this event.

OBF Goes Kiwi

Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 4.48.01 PM
The Rose Bowl of craft beer events heads into its 28th year when the Oregon Brewers Festival returns this summer. This year the beer will be flowing from July 22 through July 26 at Tom McCall Waterfront Park.

There is one aspect of the fest that I wish that L.A. Beer Week would incorporate into their opening gala (remember, it is in June this year!). That is foreign breweries. Heck I would consider, New York or Chicago breweries representing a coup.

Yes, it is a blatant steal from OBF and their International flair this year.

The Oregon Brewers Festival has New Zealand breweries pouring at the event! “The Kiwi contingent includes Tuatara, Yeastie Boys, Garage Project, Panhead and ParrotDog. Select styles from these breweries will be featured in the festival’s International Tent along with daily meet-the-brewer sessions. The International Tent encourages a long-term cultural exchange with brewers around the world as part of a collective celebration of great craft beer.”

It would be great if there could be a Japanese brewery tent or British brewery event to augment our local scene. It is all well and good to promote our local beer but I also believe that it needs to stand up with the best of the rest (of the world).

Rogue 21


A 21 ale salute, a special event will be held at the Horse Brass Pub in Portland on July 21st (of course) for the new Rogue Oregon Beer Festival offering.

Here are the old ale beer details:
“21 Ale is dedicated to Art Larrance and Teddy Peetz, the founders of the Oregon Brewers Festival.

21 Ale is brewed with 14 ingredients: 2 Row, Briess Amber, C-40, Wyermann Carafa & Rogue Farms RiskTM Malt; Willamette, US Goldings & Rogue Farms Revolution Hops; Simpsons Golden Naked Oats; Franco-Belges Carawheat; Molasses, Brewer’s Licorice, Wyeast Old Ale Blend Yeast & Free Range Coastal Water.”