Athletic Brewing gets a lot of business press for their rise into N/A stardom but they should also get some kudos for their increasingly clever and exotic flavors like their new Citrus Cacao Hazy IPA.

“This brew beautifully blends tart citrus flavor with a mellow sweetness of cacao fruit juice. This isn’t the dark chocolate brew you might be expecting – cacao juice is derived from the sticky pulp surrounding the cacao seeds of the plant that provides a subtle sweetness similar to coconut water, but more tropical. Aromas of grapefruit and lemon make an appearance, adding a sunkissed vibe.”

I suggest checking their beer selection at regular intervals.

Review – Grüvi Mocha Nitro Stout

Not a big fan of the un-groovy name, Grüvi but I was interested in a N/A Nitro Mocha Stout. “This creamy non-alcoholic brew is a smooth yet full-bodied ale with notes of coffee and chocolate. The addition of nitrogen makes tiny bubbles and helps us create an ultra-creamy beer that pours like a dream.” It even shows how to do an aggressive pour.

Did not get a big nitro pour from the can. Maybe it needs that widget that I did not hear in the bottom of the can. As with most non-alcoholic beers, this is pretty thin, which is really evident in a stout. Past that, there is a bit of a Mexican Hot Chocolate vibe off of this. Of the three adjectives on the packaging, it is a bit creamy, kind of smooth and roasted for sure. Overall, kind of disappointing.