Homebrew by Mail

Most “Beer of the Month” clubs will send a randomized set of pro beer to your doorstep. And it can be a good way to get your hands on beer that you normally would not see on your store shelves in your neck of the woods. You also usually receive info on the beer and brewery as well.

But Noble Brewer takes this concept and adds a wrinkle to it. It isn’t beer from an established brewery. The beer that will be shipped to you is home brew! Well, to be absolutely technical, it is a home brew recipe that is brewed and bottled at a contract brewery and given a fancy label and shipped to you.

Will the beer be good? You would certainly hope so because you are paying $15 a bomber without knowing the vetting process for the home brewer or the recipe. If you have been lucky enough to attend a home brew club party, you will know that even the best club with talented members can either get too experimental or the beer will just not work for one technical reason or another from recipe to equipment failure.

If I had mad money lying around, I would take a flyer on this club but without some assurance, I will wait and see instead.