Bear on the Water

I wasn’t a big fan of the label art on the Surfin’ Bird IPA collaboration which makes a background appearance in the new IPA and doubling down on clothes wearing cartoon animals is giving me some Hanna Barbera vibes that I don’t associate with bitter beers.

That being said, I would bet that the beer inside the can from Pizza Port and El Segundo will be quite good and that is not any Hong Kong Fooey.

Kick Kikokiko

I skipped over one Ogopogo beer because I was not a fan of the label but I am back with a cool Halloween but in mauve themed hazy DIPA. And it may drive you insane. Or so this Kikokiko myth goes.

Habanero Stout

Roots Habanero Stout Release
3 p.m., Friday 11/06/09, Roots Organic Brewing,1520 S.E. Seventh Ave.

“An Irish style Stout brewed with chocolate malt, chocolate wheat & five pounds of coco nibs in the mash. We then boil this beer for two hours during which we slowly inoculated six pounds of organic free trade semi sweet chocolate syrup made by Alma Chocolates. After fermentation we dry hopped the Stout with 100 chopped Habaneros. ”

If this is anything like the McMenamin’s pepper beer then I will not be able to get close to it before the blast gets me.