Long Name but Melodious

Ce N’est Pas la Fin du Monde sounds very smooth on the tongue as one says it. And considering how solid the Canadian brewery Unibroue is, I would wager this IPA, though out of the Belgian wheelhouse will be good.

“Regular” La Fin du Monde is a Strong Tripel Blonde. The new twist is described as a “New World IPA with a taste of cereals and tropical fruits.”

Pairs with Kebab

I talk a lot about collaborations and quite a bit about food and beer, but today is probably the first time that I will post about Kebab and beer.

LitBrew which has a tiny distribution footprint at present has teamed with LA’s popular Mediterranean food chain Massis Kabob to bring bee fans Motherland Ale, “a Belgian pale ale with locally sourced mountain honey from Armenia-Artsahk.”

Kebab and honey, hops and Belgian yeast seems a bit much to me, but maybe it will work and seeing as a new Massis location is just a few blocks away, I will have to test drive it

Kessel Run and Parsecs

King Harbor sends a West Coast hopped pilsner our way with Fly Casual.

Here is the brewery description – “It’s been feeling a lot like Jakku recently and this is just what you need to get you through a hot summer day scavenging around the South Bay. This one’s got the strength and hoppiness of a pale ale, but with the clean, crisp and refreshing qualities that comes with a nice Pilsner.”

I would suggest getting a four-pack and not a Solo can.


The more farm information on labels the better in my mind.  And better yet to put it on the front with logos instead of tucked into small font wording on the back.  

Radiant Beer Co.  gives the shout out to Loftus Ranches as well as Yakima Chief for Every Hero Needs an Origin Story.  

Starting with Idaho 7 and “supporting hops of Citra, Loral, and Simcoe make this a tremendously rich flavored experiment in hops. It’s crystal clear, with prominent aromatics of fresh pineapple juice, ripe cantaloupe, tangerine, papaya, and citrus zest, also showcased in its flavor as ripe tropical fruit, kaffir lime, and a wisp of pine. The finished bee is a zesty one, that’s dry, balanced, and easy to drink, with medium bitterness and bright carbonation.”

Out There

Ambitious Ales has a new can drop with what they are labeling a Cosmic Hazy IPA called Dream Tea.

Here is their description…

⁣”We took our standard hazy base and supercharged it with Phantasm derived from New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc grapes in the whirlpool along with Citra Icognito and dry hopped with Mosaic Spectrum…

⁣”Fermented with a hyper-thiol driving yeast strain designed to unlock some of the most intense fruity characters we’ve experienced in any fermentation to date! Dream Tea has a nice medium body with low bitterness and packed with huge notes of Fruit Gushers, Fresh Mango and Lychee while finishing with a touch of hoppy resin.”

Lager Weather

Camarillo’s Institution Ales has some serious art on their labels even for what they describe as “A simple lager”

Here are the details of this American lager, “brewed with American 2-row and hopped lightly with Cascade, Liberty and Willamette. It’s crisp and refreshing with a hint of sweet honey and fruity hops.”

Ten Year Lager

If you haven’t been to the original Highland Park Brewery, here is a reason to head to…

“Our pals at The Hermosillo have been with HPB since day 1, literally! We started off brewing (& still brew) in a tiny space in the back of their spot on York. We’re so excited about their 10th anniversary & so excited to share Hermosillo Lager with y’all!

Hermosillo Lager is a 5.2%ABV lager made in collaboration with The Hermosillo to celebrate their 10th anniversary! Ross & Michael asked for something crisp & hoppy with a focus on more Noble hops, including HopHead Farms Zuper Saazer.”