8 Trilla Gorilla

Last week this time, Smog City Brewing unveiled a new more charitable Gorilla.

Combining with Crowns & Hops and their 8 Trill Initiative and the mission of achieving racial equity in craft beer and supporting up and coming black owned breweries is….

“This colossal Double IPA draws inspiration from our OG ape Amarilla Gorilla, the 8 Trilla Gorilla turns everything up to eleven and beyond. A ferocious infusion of Strata, Simcoe, and Citra hops rampage out of your glass with every sip. Strap in and prepare for an onslaught of amazing grapefruit, passionfruit, and fresh resinous pine so fresh you’ll swear you’re drinking hops straight from the bine.”

Selected Daisies

Hard to believe that Daisy Cutter from Half Acre Beer is 15 but time does fly.  In honor of that anniversary comes DC Select Double IPA, a collaboration with Sierra Nevada Brewing.

“For Daisy Cutter Select Double IPA, both teams hand-selected special lots of freshly harvested Centennial from CLS Farms, a fifth-generation family hop grower in the Yakima Valley. All agreed on a selection that presented punchy notes of sweet, bright citrus, with a touch of background earth. We used it to build a recipe that echoes the ages – Classic IPA.”

Made 1K

Every brewery, back in the day, would celebrate not only anniversaries but also when they reached batch number milestones.  You don’t see it as much anymore but MadeWest has their Batch 1000 out now, “a triple dry hopped triple hazy IPA featuring Citra, Nelson and Idaho 7 hops.” With “aromas of tangerine, pink cotton candy and ripe mango.”

Ahead & East

Each year Firestone Walker finds a partner and concocts their own Festbier and the style has run the beer gamut. Now we know this years beer is….

“Trailing West is this year’s Firestone Walker Invitational Beer Festival signature, collaborative release. A limited-edition pilsner made with our friends at Half Acre Beer, the recipe pairs a decoction mash of an Austrian barley variety over 100 years old with old-world Hersbrucker and Hallertaur Mittelfruh hops.”

Rice Segundo

Yes, El Segundo Brewing is known more for their use of hops but maybe they can multi-task with rice too.  Harvest Legend Rice Lager is brewed with “100% California Calrose rice grown by VA Farms 4th generation rice farmers in Pleasant Grove, CA. VA Farms rice is a mark of excellence around the world, truly a Harvest Legend.”

El Mundo

Norwalk Brew House has a worldly new beer and it “is an homage to the West Coast and our love for our Mexican-American culture.”

The name to look for is El Mundo Hazy IPA and you might see it at some beer shoppes but it will be a bit of a hunt so keep your eyes peeled and use the beer finder on their website.