Norwalk Brew House has a new Mexican-Style lager with a golden twist, Agua De Oro.

Here is the write-up from the brewery, “This beer is an homage to Latinas in professional sports and women in the commercial brewing industry. 

In honor of Latino Heritage Month, we partnered with 4x Olympian Brenda Villa whose Hall of Fame career and 4 Olympic medals has earned her the distinction of being the most decorated athlete in the world for women’s water polo.  As a first generation Mexican-American, Brenda’s story exemplifies what it means to live the American dream. Agua De Oro amplifies Villa’s achievements while doing good in the process. 

If honoring an Olympian wasn’t enough, the beer also “serves as a fundraiser benefiting The Brenda Villa Foundation, the nonprofit organization that supports youth aquatic programs in underserved communities.”

Pour Into the Cup

Paperback Brewing has come out with a World Cup beer which is good even though I will not be watching this years edition because of Qatar’s horrible human rights record and anti-alcohol stance (that shifted when SABInBev put their foot down)

This is one of the better labels from the brewery which usually traffics in pulp and puns.  It is still too busy by half like most of Paperback’s labels but the throwback artwork works in this context.

Next time the Timbers, Thorns or (poor form) Chelsea play, I will give this beer a whirl.


The AleSmith collabs keep coming, this time Other Half is the other half with Hop Cypher, “a new DDH West Coast-style IPA”  This beer might be just a skosh easier to snare than the recent Monkish collaborations with the New York brewery.


Count me as a fan of both a classic cocktail and beers masquerading as one.  Allagash Brewing has recently come out with Day’s End, a “red ale that takes inspiration from a cocktail known as the Boulevardier. Brewed with lambrusco grape must, angelica root, and bitter orange peel, then aged in bourbon barrels, this beer balances notes of vanilla, red wine, oak, and caramel.”


Enegren Brewing wanted to add to your dark beer choices and your pilsner options, a new beer arrives for both…

Edel-Hawk Black Pilsner with the “roasty goodness of Nighthawk with a slight floralness of Noble hops gives this beer a super dry crisp finish.”


I firmly agree with a brewer naming at least one beer after themselves. Seems only fair after all the work done in making the beer.

And in that vein, I present…

….Heller’s Lager from Arrow Lodge.

(It is also good to see a non-IPA pun)