Bier Port

The next evolution of pour it yourself / why bother with a knowledgeable beertender technology. You can read more about it HERE but I suspect that someone has probably already hacked it to get beer to people without ID. It seems similar to coffee vending machines and that leads to the big issue, line cleanliness. My best guess is that this item has one point of exit which means that if more than just bland industrial lager is being poured that there may be some “off” pints.

World Cup + World Beer – Slovakia



Yesterday, I chose a beer from the England. England lost. The day before that, I chose an American beer. The US lost. So sorry to curse you Slovakia.

Some pundits may have predicted Slovakia would advance in the 2nd slot from Group F. But I am betting that most thought that Italy would have been # 1 not Paraguay. This will be a tough match-up for the Slovakians. So let’s root for the Cinderella story for today with Golden Pheasant, “a very special product. [It] is true to the style for the region, a robust, full-flavored beer. It exhibits a great balance between nutty malt flavors, aromatics and delicious noble hop varieties. The finish is clean and refreshing..”