A New Altar

Built in 1903, the Masonic Temple on Pine Avenue in Long Beach will (fingers crossed) become Altar Society Brewing later this year.  Brewery in the basement.  Coffee shop and restaurant at street level and then more space in the floors above.  More news when opening is closer.  This project has been in the works since 2020 and was obviously slowed down even more than the usual for a brewery.


Other than one cool summer school week, the thought of going to summer camp for anything would normally be a pass but tomorrow in Long Beach could be the exception with…. Camp Trademark (aka 3rd anniversary) on July 16th.

Food from: Flacos Tacos, AGL’s Craft Meats, Vegan Hooligans and Colossus Bread.

Presale RSVP + Merch HERE.

Italian Hands

Italian Pilsners are hanging in there as a sub-style which is good news to me, since I like any and all form of pilsner as an IPA antidote.  Trademark Brewing has their version, names Talking Hands. Described by the brewery as “Light, bright and crisp, and dry hopped with Tettnang and Saphir hops for a delightful bouquet of floral citrus and spice.”

Pool Shark

Not a land shark, though that would be a logical brand extension, but Pool Shark a gin cocktail from Portuguese Bend Distilling in Long Beach.

They offer PBD rum, vodka and gin cocktails. Each can is two cocktails so when you get quoted thirty bucks for two cans, remember to divide by four and not two. I am a gin fan so I went for the spicy and fruity Pool Shark.

The jalapeno spice is there but the mango cuts it down to size as does the gin and lemon. It is a bit muddy orange in complexion but hazy IPA drinkers have seen worse. This is quite tasty and it does make me want to try the Rum Punch and Suga Suga cans as well.

History & Landscape

Beachwood Brewing is launching “Beer Side Talks” this month on March 10, it is “a new educational speaking event series that will bring together people across the beer community for lively conversations on a range of beer and brewing-related topics!”

Up first is talk of the West Coast IPA and you can RSVP for free to this event in Long Beach. Check out the Eventbrite page to reserve your seat.

“Beachwood will also be live-streaming the event on Instagram for those not able to attend in person.”