Featured Review – Light Hearted Ale from Bell’s

Part of the Heart Family from Bell’s, Light Hearted is 3.7% ABV, 110 calories and 9 grams of carbs. That is seriously light. But how does it compare to say, Hopslam? Unfair, but I thought I would really put this to the test.

Both beers pour similar in color with Light Hearted just a touch more yellow than orange. Now onto the rest of the comparison…
Light Hearted – There is a bitter kick up front.  That fades to watery followed by a considerable malt flavor. Cascade’y earthy notes for me. Most IPA of the bunch of Lo-Cal beers that I have sampled.
HopSlam – Sweetness (honey) then the alcohol burn takes over.  This is aggressively hoppy with some small citrus notes lingering behind the main flavors.

The DNA flows through both of these. The hops do kick hard in both beers it’s just the scaffolding that’s different. Neither would win my heart (get it) like the original 2 Hearted but if given a choice, I would stick with the Light.