Featured Review – Magic Flute NE IPA from SoLArc

Sneaking in one more review before July gets completely away with a new canned offering from the wild and crazy crew at SoLArc.

Magic Flute is their gruit filtered take on the NE IPA. And it certainly looks the hazy part, orangecolored with a fruit juice look. This beer has a strange metallic aroma to it and the taste has some of that aspect too. The lemongrass comes on loud and strong which leads the bitterness to be low and underneath that spice. Some grain notes lurking too. Not sure that I am digging the label design kinda has a Pied Piper old-timey look with too vivid colors.


Kona Brewing Company has added a blonde ale to their Aloha Series if beers. But to spice things up they are adding lemongrass, which led to Lemongrass Luau. The Aloha series features seasonal craft brews made with island-inspired ingredients.
I have never been to a proper Luau or Hawaii for that matter but a light (5%) beer with a touch of spice could really work with not only a be-appled pig but whatever feast you are in the mood for.

Cody Brewing

I always find something interesting from the Beer Advocate magazine (much more so than the website, which is a little on the trolly side) And on the last page of the recent edition is about a newish brewery in Massachussetts by the name of Cody Brewing.

They have two really out there offerings: Fruit cake strong ale and Wasabi lemongrass lager.