Downtown Cellar

Kellerbier is the latest release from Angel City Eastside series which usually tackles Germanic styles a bit off the normal beer style track.

This is their DTLA take on a “historical German “Cellar Beer.” This unfiltered pale beer is fermented with lager yeast but is not lagered for too long so it’s served young and fresh – think of it like a rustic Pilsner without the maturation and aging. It has a slight toasted and malty flavor with hints of green apple, and the hops bring about herbal and floral qualities with a touch of fruity hop bitterness for balance.”


I know the headline reads either Vonnegut or Heller but it is all about a new beer with old roots that is coming to America from Bayerische Staatsbrauerei Weihenstephan – better known as (but not any easier to spell) Weihenstephaner, has a new kellerbier, 1516.

As with most beers around that long, Kellerbier has changed shape through the years but is now, to me, a lighter relative of altbier with a hazy unfiltered quality that calls to mind a young, green beer.

Definition aside the key to this beer will be that in addition to the regal Hallertauer Mittelfrüh hop will be a new to me and probably most people hop called, Hallertauer Record. Germany is growing some interesting new hops in a race to catch up with the US and Down Under and more German beers may be spiked with the results like this one.

Anyway, celebrate the anniversary of the infamous Reinheitsgebot on April 23rd