Sean Suggests for June 2016

Let’s go with fruit this month but not fruited IPA’s. Beers where fruit is a + addition and not a marketing trick. In addition to these beers, don’t forget to buy a bottle of the Unity 2016 IPA too!

Bootlegger’s/ Lemongrass Wit 5.5% ABV
“Our summer seasonal release, Lemongrass White, is the perfect beer to relax with during the long summer days. This refreshing beer is balanced with bright citrus notes from the lemongrass, bitter orange peel, and coriander.”

Boulevard/ Tropical Pale 5.9% ABV
“Inspired by our collaboration with Florida’s famed Cigar City Brewing, Tropical Pale Ale marries our passion for balanced pale ales with the bright refreshing flavors of grapefruit and passion fruit accented by juicy, citrusy hops. Pack your bags and bring your taste buds.”

Telegraph/ Gypsy Ale 8.0% ABV
“Inspired by the exuberance of the Romani Gypsy culture. Telegraph Gypsy Ale celebrates the restless and adventurous spirit in all of us. We brewed it with rye, unmalted wheat, and locally grown plums. Then we fermented it with Brettanomyces while listening to traditional Gypsy tunes. It’s wild, it’s unique, it’s delicious. So go ahead, stray from that well-trodden ground you are following, grab a bottle, and dance along a crooked path.”

In the Tap Lines for June 2016

We have arrived into summer and the month where L.A. Beer Week lives, tomorrow will be the first post of many with picks for the week+ of beer in the City of Angels, but first, extensive coverage of the Firestone Walker Invitational Beer Festival with special new releases like STiVO pils and Double Rye DBA, plus:

~ e-visits to three breweries featured at the Firestone Walker Invitational. Creature Comforts, Side Project & Mahrs Brau.
~ special featured reviews of the L.A. Beer Week Unity beer, a cellared 2015 and the new 2016 IPA.
~ Heads-Up on Los Angeles Beer Events
~ Three suggested beers to buy this month. One light, one medium and one dark
~ A Book & A Beer reads The Regional Office is Under Attack .
~ I will tap the Firkin and give my no holds barred opinion on the craft beer world

Here are two events to get your June started in the Los Angeles craft beer world:
1) June 11th – Beer and Jerky Pairing at Southland Beer
2) June 12th Mumford Brewing 1st Anniversary

…and here is the beer photo of the month

In the Tap Lines for June 2015

header_attractionsThis is L.A. Beer Week month. From the 20th to the 28th, the City of Angels becomes a beer destination for all comers starting with a blowout local brewery bash at Exposition Park near USC.  Plus…..

~ e-visits to three breweries who were at the recent Firestone Walker Invitational
~ special reviews of beers from new to L.A. 21st Amendment
~ Heads-Up on Los Angeles Beer Events
~ Three suggested beers to buy this month. One light, one medium and one dark
~ Beer-centric podcast review, goes scientific with Beervana
~ I will tap the Firkin and give my no holds barred opinion on the craft beer world
~ … and Session # 100 will converge bloggers onto a single topic, this month it is Resurrecting Lost Beer Styles

Here are two events to get your June started in the Los Angeles craft beer world:
1) June 1st – Burger Week at both of the Oinkster locations with Red Tick Ale from Highland Park Brewery
2) June (anytime) – Check out the new DTLA gastropub and homebrewer space of BarrelDown.


L.A. Beer Week is on the move. And this year it will remove all of your L.A. June Gloom in the process.

2015’s version of Beer Week is from June 20 through June 28. Instead of the iconic Chinatown locale of 2014, the festival will be held in Exposition Park. This new USC adjacent spot will allow for “even more local and guest breweries”.

The two-month + difference means that presale tickets to the kickoff will go on sale earlier, on April 3, and the general ticket sales begin on May 1.

I like the idea (and I hope it sticks) of moving the festival around Los Angeles from year to year. And pair that with being near Metro trains. The other add that I would like to see is moving it west and/or south. It has been downtown and east intensive for its entire existence.

The reason for swapping September for June is twofold. First is for us fest goers. June should be cooler which is better for drinking beer outside. The second is for the brewers. June is before the festival circuit that is insane in summer. And it also avoids having L.A. Beer Week butted up against the Great American Beer Festival.

From my perspective it seems like a smart move.

Sean Suggests for June 2014


Last month was a little light on the ABV, for June, we are cranking it up a notch.  Starting with a dry hopped beer that is not to be missed followed by a pair of collaborations on the darker side.  Enjoy!


Brasserie Dupont/ Cuvee Dry Hopping 2014 6.50% ABV

“Every year Dupont’s Master Brewer, Olivier Dedeycker, makes a special dry-hopped  version of  the brewery’s world famous Saison Dupont. For 2014, he chose the famous English hop, CHALLENGER, renowned for its balance of bittering and aromatic qualities. Importantly, they were cultivated in Belgium by the farm that supplies Olivier’s Golding hops. Using only hop flowers (no pellets, please), he added them to the late boil and dry hopped in cold maturation. ”


AleSmith with Cigar City/ Ramblin’ Rye Brown Ale 8.50% ABV

“Alesmith and Cigar City have once again partnered up for our second coast-2-coast collaborative brew, a delicious rye brown ale.

Worn out and tongue-tied from rhyming countless beer-centric names with “rye,” we knew it was finally time to quit rambling on and figured “Rye bother”…let’s brew. The result is a rich, malty Roggenbier that is riddled with notes of chocolate and biscuit that perfectly compliment the soft spiciness of the rye. Grab a pint and toast to the coasts.

This balanced and complex brew pairs best with smooth cigars and life-long friends.”


Unibroue for Trader Joe’s/ Vintage Ale 9.00% ABV

“Unique and limited edition, this Belgian style ale is crafted once a year as a special treat for those of you who appreciate flavorful, bottle-conditioned ale with character. This year’s vintage: a rich, dark and full-bodied ale with a fine and generous coffee-colored, beige foam. It’s ready to enjoy right away and you may also wish to cellar a few bottles. It will evolve interestingly well, developing more complex flavors as the years go by.”

Sean Suggests for June 2012

The beers to buy for June all came off a recent e-mail list of what is available at one of my local beer buying stops Red Carpet, here in sunny Glendale, CA.

So click the links (may take two clicks depending upon the browser) and either head to Red Carpet if you are in L.A. or go to your store of choice and support craft beer from two gypsy brewers and a beer that has traipsed all over the globe.

Sean suggests for June 2012

In the Tap Lines for June 2012

~ e-visits to three breweries in the Empire State
~ video reviews of three beers from the famed Vanberg & DeWulf
~ Three suggested beers to buy this month
~ I will tap the Firkin and give my opinion on the craft beer world
~ … and Session # 64 will converge bloggers onto a single topic
~ plus many more posts about new beers, beer products and breweries

Here are two events to get your June started in the Los Angeles craft beer world:
1) June 9th – Hangar 24’s 4th Anniversary Celebration
2) June 10th – DioNicEss X at Beachwood BBQ & Brewing Long Beach