Best Beers of September 2021 + IPA Ranking

Let’s reverse order and cut to the IPA chase, there was a close contender to crack the Top 3 but the collaboration between Ogogopo Brewing and Three Weavers on a Strata Fresh Hop ale didn’t quite climb the heights so the list remains

3. Chapman Crafted Old Towne Block Party Year 5 DDH DIPA

2. Offshoot Beer Co. DDH Visions

1, Beachwood / Highland Park Natural Born Shredders

Other than Arachne, the Strata beer previously mentioned the other winners for September were Radiant Beer Co. and This is Happening DDH, There Does Not Exist’s Vague Future Black IPA and then my winner, Single Fermented Duvel. Damn, this is a beer that I need to drink way more often. Best two words to describe it are sparkle and spice.

Best Beers of July 2021 + IPA Ranking

Let’s go straight to the top, my favorite beer of the month is Natural Born Shredders from the combined talents of Beachwood Brewing and Highland Park Brewery. This IPA has a Wonderful aroma.  Bright with dried fruit and pine. As it warms sone cat pee notes creep in. Loads of tangerine flavor.  Overall light mouthfeel.  Nice bitterness bite that lingers.

So let’s update the IPA rankings before mentioning a couple honorable mentions.

3 – Crooked Stave Idaho 7 IPA

2 – Offshoot Beer Co. DDH Visions

1 – Beachwood / Highland Park Natural Born Shredders

Two other really great beers wowed me this month. Total Boss Red IPA from Smog City was malty and hoppy and filling in equal measure. Radiant Beer Co. and their Can Down By the River Motivational Lager which from can design to flavor was great.

Best Beers of March 2021 + IPA Standings

My March Top Two come from near and far, sour and light. Tucana Tangerine Sour from Ecliptic Brewing in Portland was perfectly balanced. Tart and tangerine at once. The fact fruit had a candied peel note that I really enjoyed. Coming in a close second was the ‘Malgo Pils from Highland Park Brewery. This one just popped. Rarely do I have anything less than a great pilsner from this group.

Eagle Rock Brewery almost broke into the top three of the IPA with their anniversary TIPA Elevensies and Taste for Adventures from Pizza Port was a strong contender but the Top 3 are unchanged.

3. Societe The Coachman

2. Indie Brewing Quintette

  1. Offshoot Beer Co. DDH Visions