Hoppy N/A Poppy

Figueroa Mountain Brewing is joining the N/A realm with their Hoppy Poppy IPA getting a sibling.

Hoppy Poppy IPA is brewed with the same bold hop flavors and aromas as the original Hoppy Poppy IPA, but with less than 0.5% alcohol. This allows beer lovers to enjoy the taste and experience of a traditional IPA no matter the occasion.”

Hope this is the N/A IPA one that uses lots of hops.

Featured Reviews – Hops from Figueroa Mountain

Figueroa Mountain has expanded their canned offerings and for the first of two “doubled-up” reviews, I re-taste Hoppy Poppy IPA and Lizard’s Mouth DIPA for the first time from cans and for the first time in quite a while.

First up is Hoppy Poppy IPA which pours a real dark orange. On the nose is a soft orange blossom aroma but this tastes much stronger than a normal, regulation IPA. There is a really strong malt backbone to this beer along with some pine notes that lurk in the background.

Next is Lizard’s Mouth DIPA which also sports an orange aroma but this is more hearty than just a blossom. There is heavier alcohol with a bit of burn to it putting this closer to a Barleywine in my book. The Lizard also holds a big malt presence and it is bitter but more in a radicchio way.

From these two examples, it appears that FigMtn is just upleveled hop wise which would make a Session IPA more in the IPA realm. Of the two, I like the Poppy a bit better due to the less heavy presence.