Beer Review – A Trio of Oregon Beers

Some great Oregon breweries have been sneaking into the L.A. beer market of late. I have seen a bit of Wayfinder Beer and Heater Allen and lately pFriem Family Brewers too.

So instead of a single review or a duo, it is time for a trilogy of Oregon beers in one post. Three different styles but only one best of show….

Wayfinder Beer Russian Circles Black Pilsner – if you closed your eyes and drank this, at first, you would certainly know it was a pilsner but you would probably then lean towards either German or Czech styled. There is a bit of roast, Malliard reaction in the aroma and taste but overall this is a really nice, hearty pilsner.

Heater Allen Pink Boots Brew – the famous McMinnville lager brewery utilized the 2023 Pink Boots hop blend for this pale ale. Quite a melange of hop notes here. Getting pine and some citrus and even a touch of strawberry as well. A bit slick on the tongue as well.

pFriem Sparkling IPA – pours a dark orange. Initial taste is a bit of marmalade paired with pear as well. Was expecting more bubbles due to the name but there is a swirl of flavors. The label name checks seven fruits including sugar covered strawberry which is quite specific. Just a crazy four dimensional IPA.

My Winner – Due to the complexity, I select the pFriem but this was a close contest for sure.

Inside the Tent

Sometimes when you look at a Modern Times label design or even just the name, you don’t really know what might be inside. Pretty, yes but not greatly informative.

All you really need to know about Tentbier is the name of Heater-Allen from McMinnville, Oregon. You know this is going to be a traditional beer. A 16oz can of Festbier that collaborates the Portland Arm of the Modern Times empire with a well-loved Oregon brewery.

Oregon Beer Review # 2 – Mediator from Heater-Allen

Here is the scoop on the second reviewed Oregon beer from my college town of McMinnville, “Dopplebock started out as a Lenten beer for the monks in Germany. During Lent they would forgo solid food and get all their sustenance from beer. Needless to say it was big beer with lots of unfermented dextrins. Once the public got a taste it became very popular. We call our beer Mediator because we think that a 22 ounce bottle is probably better shared than drunk alone. It’s rich, toasty and malty, with a few plum notes on the palate and the slightest roasted character in the finish. I think this would go really well with a number of cheeses.”

Here is my review of Mediator from Heater-Allen

Where to go in Portland – Part 1

Belmont Station.  What can I say.  Great selection of beer.  Just great.  Saw Heater-Allen for the first time, ever.  Every time I go in, I see something new.  Plus, they have a beer bar next door with amazing taps.  If you are anywhere in Oregon, find Belmont Station.dscn5077dscn5078