What with LA’s changing attitude on breweries, you know, selling what they brew. It has been hard to keep track. But Brouwerij West is letting people know, they are open. If you are crazy for Citra hops and are enamored with Enigma hops, then this new hazy is for you.

N/A Haze

The next round in the Non-Alcoholic beer game has begun with Boston Beer Co. adding a Hazy IPA to their roster but with no-low alcohol. The question remains, will this boost the category? Either because of limited distribution or bad taste, the niche hasn’t burst hard like seltzer’s. Personally the lows of N/A are bad while seltzer seems uniformly m’eh. Maybe tackling the style most popular will help. Just in case, they should do a non-alcohol pastry stout too.

I would recommend not getting a full sidereal until you have tried one.

Featured Review – Trend Vampire from Fieldwork

I was so taken by Canopy Pale Ale from Fieldwork that came in my Summit Experience package from the California Craft Brewers Association that I went to their website and saw that they had better shipping options than some of my locals, so I picked up two divergent styles.

Next up is a hazy, Trend Vampire…

Super low ABV.  Love the name and all the DDH, hazy, low-cal descriptors.  Has that scrappy tongue feel.  More OG hazy, less the current fruity bombs.  A bit minty.  Certainly doesn’t taste low ABV

Review – VooDoo Ranger 1985 Hazy IPA

Ahh, 1985. Let’s see if New Belgium can make the past and/or future hazy.

‘85 pours a well hazed yellow color with hints of orange. That aroma is big. Just opened a can of sliced pineapple big. Super juicy. The beer itself is pretty soft and fluffy. There is a streak of solid bitterness that I like as well as some berry notes. Leaning towards strawberry. But it is the pineapple that sticks all the way through.

Of the VooDoo’s, this is my favorite.


Bundesliga is all but done, the Premier League is winding down with some important spots still in play, and MLS is back and you will need to drink something when watching from your couch. And Ambitious Ales has DDH Hazy for you. AND a cheeky Spanish football referenced beer….
Tiki Taka – Tiki Sour with Pineapple, Peach, Toasted Coconut and Vanilla

Son of

If you wanted to sample the French hop Barbe Rouge, well you can see how it hazes with the pirate themed Son of Barbarossa from MacLeod Ales. Not the most English of their offerings but think of it as hopping the channel for a visit.

Marine Layer

Considering the bit of rain that SoCal received, this new Boomtown beer is right on Time. Marine Layer Hazy IPA is a new can release with a hop hit comprised of 7% brewed with Motueka, Ekuanot & 007 Hops for bright flavors of Peach, Watermelon & Kiwi.

Hazy Devil

Yes, I know the bottle says hazy and the glass holds a crystal clear beer but I am intrigued that Duvel has put their stamp on a hazy. Maybe it is their exposure to their trio of American breweries. Here is the summary of the beer, “‘t IJ van de Duvel is a Hazy IPA, a soft IPA, very fruity in flavor because of the use of Azacca, Mosaic and Citra hops.” Some may decry this as a nod to trends and not traditional need to remember that breweries can make more than one beer.


I am not sure what an Anaheim Hazy is but I really do dig the design on these new DIPA cans from Bottle Logic. I think there will be plenty of people sitting at home spending time with 3-D glasses on while enjoying the beer inside the can.