Review – Tropical Marmalade Hazy IPA from AleSmith

Next up from the prolific AleSmith is a hazy IPA that is a jam.

Well, actually a marmalade.

This new release from San Diego pours a light yellow color with not much in the way of haze on view. Getting mango and pineapple on the nose, so checkmark for tropical.

Very light body with a solid kick of bitterness that does linger a bit. Getting a bit of raspberry and orange flavor after the bitter. The end brings a touch of alcohol heat mingling with malt character.

There is a nice juicy mouthfeel and indeed tropical but the haze and the softness I associate with it are not. Nix that word from the label and this beer is spot on.

Once and Happily

Offshoot Beer Co. has a couple of romantic tinged IPAs for that summer wedding….

Once Upon a Time is a Hazy IPA bursting with flavor with enchanting aromas of watermelon, hard candy, and a mix of tropical fruits with a citrus kiss. One taste of this tropical medley, mixed with a hint of sweet jolly ranchers and a long citrus peel finish, and you’ll be ready for any adventure.  ⠀

Happily Ever After is a West Coast IPA, pouring a clear straw color that you might just spin into gold. With bewitchingly delicious citrus and pine aromas, the palate rings true to style with a classic piney, earthy, dank flavor, finishing with a citrus medley.   ⠀

Hop Onto the Path

A few posts ago, I mentioned the Cryo Pop brand of hop products and lookee here, Offshoot Beer Co. has an experimental hazy brewed with that pop. I kinda wish they did a threesome of beers though. One regular pellet, one regular cryo and one Cryo Pop so we, as consumers could taste the difference.

Featured Review – Free Wave Hazy IPA from Athletic Brewing

Hazy and N/A? Let’s dive into the next Free Wave from Athletic Brewing

First item of visual business is that it is not holding the haze very well. It isn’t crystal clear but a little added murk is in order. The aroma is very much orange candy or soda. That carries over into the taste which has a pretty good level of piney dank bitterness but I am not getting the pillowy quality that should be in the style. Then the body fades at the end a bit. If this was labeled West Coast, it would get higher ratings but for a hazy, it misses too many marks

Even the Oat Milk

If lactose can be a featured IPAs then why not oat milk? Dogfish Head thinks that way at least with their new Hazy-O – a “hazy IPA brewed with four types of oats – malted oats, rolled oat, naked oats and oat milk.” Personally, I would like to sample a no oat milk version to see what that adds.

Featured Review – Visions DDH Hazy IPA from Offshoot Beer Co.

When you have had enough examples of a beer style, you can begin to see the hallmarks. Those attributes that the beer needs to have to be a true example of the style.

For me, a hazy IPA needs to look the part first and foremost. It needs to have that citrus juice murk. It also needs a creamy, pillowy note but with some juice and a little hop bitterness that scrapes the tongue.

Visions from Offshoot Beer Co. ticks all of my hazy boxes. The bitterness which is usually the first casualty of hazies is nice and strong due, probably to the Double Dry Hopping. There is just a touch of juice tangled up with a fluffiness. Most of all, this beer pops off. Not your usual flat and dusty IPA without zing.

This was a media sample which I usually really examine but after a few sips, I just enjoyed it.


What with LA’s changing attitude on breweries, you know, selling what they brew. It has been hard to keep track. But Brouwerij West is letting people know, they are open. If you are crazy for Citra hops and are enamored with Enigma hops, then this new hazy is for you.