Cap Swag

Longtime readers of the blog know that baseball is a sleeping pill for me but, that said, I think the Green Cheek Brewing baseball cap is a banger and reminiscent of the Anaheim Angels without being a direct rip-off.

So, a tip of the hat to Green Cheek.

Needed or Not? – Seltzer Air Freshener

Lavender is a love it / hate it smell. Wife can do without it in its entirety while I can enjoy a small sample of it. So this….

…car air freshener from Green Cheek Beer Co. will not grace the inside of the family car but I think it is a funny idea and a great way to get that logo out in the world. And as a bonus the hard seltzer part has been removed.

Needed is the verdict!


Karl Strauss Brewing continues their collaborative IPA series with Squawk Box IPA.  The name should clue you in to the partner in this hop flight, it is Green Cheek Beer Co..

“Inspired by the famed citrus groves of Orange County, this beer is the liquid equivalent of a sun-kissed orange. With a tantalizing mix of Talus, Citra, and HBC-586 experimental hops, every sip is a burst of citrus and stone fruit flavors and aromas”

Logical Birds

I don’t normally post about popular or whale beers but I do post quite frequently about collaborations so, here we go…

Bottle Logic and Green Cheek have joined Orange County forces for a sour meets rum experience.

“We aged Birds of Paradise in Barbadian rum barrels before steeping the liquid on a vibrant blend of dried orange and grapefruit peels to mimic the citrus-driven bitterness of the cocktail’s Aperol component. A tempering tropical sweetness of fresh pineapple alights on the palate with a peck of fresh lime juice, all culminating in an integrated-but-obvious 14% exhale.”

Cool Labels / Cool Beers – April 2021

We start with Green Cheek who really have a way with beer names. Spinning the Elaborate Yarn is another winner but the font choice echoes yarn shaping and the colors make this predominantly white can really pop. I also like the “A West Coast IPA”. Just adding the A gives it a little flair.

The second cool label is another design win for Brouwerij West….

…another entrant in the growing peanut butter cup beer style if you couldn’t tell from the floating peanuts and chocolate bars.

Green Cheek Beer

Looks like the dust did not have a chance to settle on the (now) old Valiant Brewing facility on Batavia in Anaheim as Evan Price and Brian Rauso, both formerly of Noble Ale Works have taken over the equipment for their coming sooner than you think new venture, Green Cheek Beer Company.

There is no slate of beers announced yet, but there is a collaboration beer with Cellarmaker in the wings and though no logo or web presence of yet but Green Cheek is a reference to parrots found in Anaheim…

…so expect some bird motif.