Cool Labels / Cool Beers – April 2021

We start with Green Cheek who really have a way with beer names. Spinning the Elaborate Yarn is another winner but the font choice echoes yarn shaping and the colors make this predominantly white can really pop. I also like the “A West Coast IPA”. Just adding the A gives it a little flair.

The second cool label is another design win for Brouwerij West….

…another entrant in the growing peanut butter cup beer style if you couldn’t tell from the floating peanuts and chocolate bars.

Green Cheek Beer

Looks like the dust did not have a chance to settle on the (now) old Valiant Brewing facility on Batavia in Anaheim as Evan Price and Brian Rauso, both formerly of Noble Ale Works have taken over the equipment for their coming sooner than you think new venture, Green Cheek Beer Company.

There is no slate of beers announced yet, but there is a collaboration beer with Cellarmaker in the wings and though no logo or web presence of yet but Green Cheek is a reference to parrots found in Anaheim…

…so expect some bird motif.