New Beginnings

Shoots of beer growth are starting to happen again! First up is a name I have been talking about for some time, Paperback Brewing in Glendale which is right near The Glendale Tap. They teased on Instagram the date of 7/3.

Second, it appears that the Glendora location of Smog City is on track to be open sooner rather than later as well.

Make sure to look for any instructions either place will be needing you to follow and be super nice to these people who have been through a ringer already.

Glendora is getting Smoggy

Well, happy birthday to me. I learned last week that Smog City is in the mix for a new food hall in Glendora. Granted it will require a healthy drive well past the end of the Gold Line and it is the 210 which has grown in crappy drive times.

Wait what was I talking about? Oh yes, the Glendora Public Market….

Food halls with brewery tenants are growing since the (shudder) GRB at the Grand Central Market.

I would love to see the next “big” food hall have a rotating L.A. County Brewers Guild brewery at a designated stall. And make it closer to Glendale.